20 December 2016

Employee Deal - Further advice in challenging unagreed working patterns
Advice for members in DWP.
DWP/MB/059/16 advised members on the next steps to take if they had been unable to reach an agreement on their working pattern, following the planning round under Employee Deal.Following feedback to Group Office, PCS have concerns that many members have still to formally challenge decisions made following the notice served in November for working patterns due to commence 6 February 2017.

Act now to resolve working pattern plan problems
DWP agreed to give employees 3 months’ notice of their personal working pattern plan, that will apply for a 6 month period, under the terms of the Employee Deal Collective Agreement. Notices for regular working pattern plans from 6 February 2017 until 5th August 2017 should have been issued. If you have a problem with your personal plan it may still be possible to make changes through discussions within your team or by having your manager correct a planning mistake.

For example:

You only need to commit to fixing your start or finishing time for each working day – not both - unless you choose to fix both You can ask to swap your fixed start or end time with a colleague if you want to, and take leave in an emergency without any requirement to arrange for a colleague to cover your fixed start or finish time. ou can still apply for annual leave or flexi leave after the plan has been agreed; normal business considerations will apply to these requests.

Not all staff are required to work late, or on a Saturday, and agreement to fix no more than one in 5 consecutive working days beyond 17.00, or more than one in 4 consecutive Saturdays, unless you choose to do so, are not minimum requirements for all employees but are safeguards for you as an individual contained within the Collective Agreement. DWP have also accepted that, whether or not covered by the Equality Act 2010, some employees may not be in a position to work certain days or hours.

PCS advice and support 
If your dispute has not been resolved informally you should immediately submit a formal grievance challenging the decision contained within the notice of your working pattern. When not resolved through the grievance and appeal process, and PCS has grounds to believe a decision is perverse or fundamentally flawed, your case can be referred to an Independent Panel. Not every unresolved dispute will meet this criteria to be considered by the panel. Further advice will be issued to branches and members regarding the Independent Panel in due course.

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