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Website Privacy Statement

This Privacy statement is specific to this official Trade Union website only.
Please be mindful of the DWP ELECTRONIC MEDIA POLICY:

Please limit your access to this website and the main PCS site in work hours as much as possible. Management can track your internet access and therefore you would be best advised to view it from home, or on your lunchbreak.

Please access the Facebook link in your own time.

Legitimate use of this site during working hours would be to access the homepage and then the contact page to find and to send an email to a Union Rep, as you are allowed to approach a Trade Union Representative for advice and assistance.
You may also consult this website for advice.

You can email your TU rep from your workstation.

If you visit this website, it may generate a cookie to speed up your next visit.
This site does not track these back to anyone, or use them for anything.

If you aren't keen on having our cookies on your home PC, feel free to delete them.
We collect absolutely no information from them.

There is nothing at all sinister about this. You will NOT EVER be spammed by email.

Your data is totally secure.
We can't get at it and it will never ever be passed by us to anyone else.
That's it.

Thank you very much for visiting the site.
This site IS official, but please be aware of the DWP Electronic Media Policy


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