PAY 2022 PCS PAY 2022

31 January 2022

All members in Department for Work & Pensions Group and GEC

The PCS 2022 pay claim – What it means to you.
PCS members have done a great job during the pandemic. Now we face a cost-of-living crisis with inflation, energy and NI all going up so we want a proper pay rise.

A sectoral pay claim to level us all up

Our pay claim in DWP is a sectoral pay claim. That means it covers all staff managed by the DWP government minister. The means it covers the Department for Work and Pensions, Health and Safety Executive and Office for Nuclear Regulation. All PCS pay claims have been grouped into civil service sectors like ours such as education, health, transport, tax, culture. The claims cover all members who work in that bit of government. 

The first part of the claim is for a single rate for the job in the sector. So that everybody in the same grade in DWP, HSE, ONR moves to the best pay for the job. It’s only fair. You all do broadly the same work in the same grades.

The current best pay rates across DWP, HSE and ONR are:  

Grade    Annual salary £

AA             20,476
AO             23,139
EO             30,966
HEO           37,290
SEO           47,632
Grade 7      61,921
Grade 6      72,933

That starts the claim by getting us all on the same pay for the job.

2) Cost of living rises
The next part of the claim is a 10% increase. That means all the rates would go up by 10% to:

rade    Annual salary £

AA            22,523
AO            25,425
EO            34,062
HEO          41,019
SEO          52,395
Grade 7     68,113
Grade 6     80,226

This would mean getting everybody onto the best rate for the job then adding 10%.

3) A Living Wage
Underpinning the whole for 2022, we are seeking a living wage of £15 an hour. A £15 an hour living wage is Labour party policy and the policy of many other unions. A wage of £15 an hour is £28,861. So, this underpins everything. We are claiming this as the living wage, and it would benefit every AA and AO member.

4) London weighting
We are seeking a London weighting payment, incorporated into consolidated pay, of at least £5,000 per annum, with no detriment to anybody currently getting more.

5) Annual leave
We are seeking improvements in annual leave provision to at least 35 days a year on entry; with no detriment to any worker currently entitled to more than that.

6) Working week
We believe that the time is right to consider what the future world of work might look like and how workers might benefit from new technology and from more flexible ways of working. We are therefore seeking a significant reduction in the working week with no loss of pay.

7) Pay coherence
PCS has a long-standing policy of a return to national bargaining on pay and terms and conditions covering all workers in the civil service and its related areas. A sectoral claim is a step towards a return to national pay bargaining

Employee Deal Improvements
After pressure from PCS the DWP have just had a business case approved that will enable them to offer an opt-in to the Employee Deal to those members who chose to opt-out back in 2016. PCS will negotiate the best terms for members. There are other ED issues that still need to be resolved including those who opted-in but are still not being paid the spot rate, pay in SPLZs and leap-frogging on promotion.
PCS Digital

PCS is also pressing for DWP to address the large discrepancies that exist between pay for those who transferred in to DWP from BPDTS and members working in the digital group, and we will fight for pay to be harmonised.

Ian Bartholomew, DWP Group Secretary      
Martin Cavanagh, DWP Group President