The Obligatory Privacy Statement

This group of sites doesn't collect or store any user information. You won't get emails from us or be spammed. There is NO MASTER PLAN. There is nothing on this site or in its occasional downloads that will EAT YOUR COMPUTER or GIVE IT INCURABLE DISEASES, or - worse still - make you vote Conservative.

If you've been kind enough to visit any of our websites, it may generate what is known as A COOKIE to speed up your next visit. Sadly, NOT the type of cookie that you can eat. We have no access at all to these cookies. If you aren't keen on having our cookies on your PC, feel free to delete them.

Our ISP can probably tell us vaguely which territories in the world our visitors are from, if we can be bothered to go and look every couple of years, but to be honest, we're just happy that ANY people come to the site at all and we just leave it at that.

We cannot see (for example) that MR BLOGGS FROM ALDRIDGE IS LOOKING AT THE SITE or WHAT HE IS WEARING AT THE TIME OF DOING SO. If you are Mr Bloggs from Aldridge, rest assured, WE ARE NOT WATCHING YOU THROUGH YOUR COMPUTER. There is no need for you to go and put some clothes on.

The Forum built by the Admin for one of the sites in the group requires a quick registration process to view. If you join the forum, you'll be required to submit a user name, email address and password. By registering for the Forum, you accept the terms and conditions and basic rules of the forum. User information gathered by the Forum is totally private, stored on the server and is 100% secure. The Forum Admin has no interest whatsoever in these details, except as is required to maintain your access to the forum. Records are not kept of passwords (so you should keep your own record of that, just in case). The Admin can't see what passwords are chosen when users register. The Forum Admin can set a temporary password (so you can then go in and change the password to one of your choice) if you forget yours, but this apparently constitutes HARD WORK and it MAKES HIM VERY GRUMPY.

You may get the occasional 'all members' email from the forum. There is nothing at all SINISTER about this.

We take NO reponsibility whatsoever for any instances of mental illness, deterioration in health conditions, sexual deviation, etc etc, that may occur in your household as a result of you browsing the Internet, including this site.

That's it.