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February 2024:
Record Collector review of PRIME CUTS - The illustrated Barn Records singles discography.
The book is available from Amazon

Noize Books

All books by NOIZE books are now offfered at nicely reduced prices on an ongoing basis.
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January 2024:

NOIZE BOOKS are pleased to announce that our latest book: PRIME CUTS - AN ILLUSTRATED CHEAPSKATE RECORDS SINGLES DISCOGRAPHY is available now via Amazon worldwide. there's lots of Slade stuff in there to fetish over. Some of which you probably won't have seen.

Prime Cuts

New Splatter vinyl reissues:
We are pleased to join BMG in announcing the reissue of 1981's Til Deaf Do Us Part and also the 1975 New Victoria show on splatter vinyl and CD and DD in February.

Slade Slade
Slade Slade

"How about a pair of Slade releases for the new year? Kicking things off is the 'thumper' Till Deaf Do Us Part, featuring the much loved live staple 'Rock and Roll Preacher' as well as the likes of 'Ruby Red' and 'Knuckle Sandwich Nancy'. And who could possibly forget the hit single 'Lock Up Your Daughters'? Available on limited edition White with Black Splatter vinyl, it also comes on CD Mediabook CD with two additional bonus tracks as well as extended booklet notes.

Also available for the first time on vinyl, the 1975's classic live set from The New Victoria shows. Available on 2LP and CD this slice of Slade history features the highly regarded ‘How Does It Feel’ as well as classic hits including ‘Gudbuy T'Jane’, ‘Far Far Away’ and ‘Mama Weer All Crazee Now’ as well as long time stage favourite ‘Just A Little Bit’. "

BOTH ALBUMS AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 23rd from BMG. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

Jim Lea has promised a new album this year. There will be more output from The 'N Betweens at some point, maybe later on in the year. Jim's album comes first. More info is to come on that and you'll have it as soon as we can say more.

The release date of the Don Powell Band's new single 'I Am The Beat' (which features former Move and ELO drummer Bev Bevan as a guest) is January 20th. There will be a physical CD release. As most of you will know, a promo video shoot was done late last year and the track has been ready for a while. There is no current news of any planned Don Powell Band live activity.

To get YOUR copy before they sell out - and they are going to...... CLICK HERE TO ORDER


Noize Books and Recordings have plans for a couple of new books this year and some audio-visual stuff is quite possible, depending on if some of our contacts come through for us.

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