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January 2022:
There has been a glimmer of excitement off in the dim and dusty corners of the internet. The Sun tabloid 'newspaper' (known for its piercing and instructive, but often - allegedly - mainly made-up coverage of world events) decided to run a story that Noddy Holder was trying to interest the other members of Slade in reuniting to play at Glastonbury.

It has, of course, been confirmed that Noddy Holder never even spoke to The Sun. The hysterics and wetting of trousers and questions about where to get tickets has been amusing to watch. The time for them to do this - if they were ever going to bother - was 1991. Four men who don't like each other that much (in various permutations) will never perform live together again.

Don Powell has released a statement:
"Many of you are aware of a newspaper article that appeared in The Sun just before Christmas in which they wrote that Noddy wanted to reform Slade to perform at the Glastonbury festival.  I was surprised to read this and have not been approached by anyone regarding getting the original line up back together. Since then then Nod's management has stated that Nod had not spoken to The Sun. I was totally disappointed that Glastonbury never came off . Of all the UK festivals, Slade have never played that one. It would have been GREAT to have had that one under our belt before the ‘Pipe & slippers’ came out…


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news 2021

December 15th
On January 28, 2022, Slade will release the fourth and final vinyl of a series of deluxe reissues. Slade Alive! is released on limited edition red and black splatter vinyl. Pre-order your copy now:

Slade Alive splatter

November 25

Don & The Dreamers ”Honey Don’t” – feat. Don Powell

Don Powell was the founder and drummer of the legendary British rock band Slade. Until a few years ago he was still the anchor of the newest version of the band. A band of working-class heroes, who during the 1970s almost reached the level of The Beatles in the UK and Europe - today remembered for a number of evergreen songs such as ”Merry Xmas Everybody”, ”Cum on Feel the Noise”, ”My Oh My” and ”Far Far Away”.

Don has the Don Powell Band in UK and also recently played a gig with Ringo Starr near his home in Denmark. Don, by some reviewers, has been called the greatest rock drummer in the world. And it’s truely hard to imagine anyone more rock-steady. But Don, now 75, was in need of something rooted more around his Danish home and in his love of early rock & roll. When Henrik Littauer popped up at Don’s house last summer they decided to put this new band of senior Scandinavian rockstars together to play an updated version of rockabilly.

Honey Don’t was written by Carl Perkins and appeared on the B-Side of his 1956 release ”Blue Suede Shoes” . It was later covered by The Beatles.

”Don & The Dreamers –”Honey Don’t”

The Dreamers are - Henrik Littauer who has been around the professional Danish/Norwegian music scene since the early 1970s, producing, film scoring and playing with bands including Malurt. Curly Erik (Krølle Erik in Danish) last year celebrated 50 years on the Danish music scene. He is a gifted blues/rockabilly singer and guitar player with five solo albums behind him. Helge Solberg, bass guitar and cousin of the former Norwegian prime minister has been with a number of renowned bands and artists including Rocazino and played the bass on over 50 albums. Knud Møller was voted Denmarks best rock guitarist in 2008 and has worked with stars such as Poul Krebs, Johnny Madsen, Esther Brohus and many more both as a musician and and in some cases producer.

"Honey Don't" will be streaming from the 8th December 2021.
The group's Facebook page is here.

Honey Don't

November 25th

Don has received some sad news about his former Vendors bandmate Johnnny (Shane ) Howell.
Not to be confused with John Howells of The N'Betweens.

"So SAD to hear dear John had passed away. He actually made contact a few years ago when we did a gig near Blackpool where he was now living.

I first met John when he was lead singer with Johnny Shane (that was his stage name)and the Cadillacs ( another Bilston band) when Johnny, Mick and myself found out he was not with them anymore. We asked him on the off chance that he would join us, The Vendors. He said yes straight away. It was a GREAT combination of the two Johnny Howells singing together. Also his guitar playing was a GREAT asset. I can’t remember how long he was with us for but, as I said, he was a great asset. I’ve got lots of great memories of when he was in the line-up. Also his dad Reg had a red Bedford Dormobile…. He used to drive us to and from gigs. Our very first roadie….
Cheers, Don Powell"

Johnny Shane and the Cadillacs.

Johnny Shane

November 23
The second edition of THE NOIZE The Slade Discography (massively expanded and upgraded to 300 pages) has been released early in paperback.
You can buy it here.

THE NOIZE second edition paperback

November 18th:
You're all invited to subscribe to the Official SLADE Youtube channel.

November 9th 2pm:

Slade In Flame
film soundtrack splatter LP to be released November 26th via BMG. order

Slade In Flame splatter vinyl


The Second Edition of THE NOIZE - THE SLADE DISCOGRAPHY is now available on Amazon world-wide.






Slade In Flame Splatter - Release Date: 26/11/2021 - PURCHASE LINK

This is the splatter version of Slade’s first soundtrack album and fifth studio album Slade In Flame.
Originally released on 29th November 1974, it entered the UK album chart at #6 and was certified gold by the BPI in February 1975.

Side A
1. How Does It Feel
2. Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing
3. So Far so Good
4. Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)
5. OK Yesterday Was Yesterday

Side B
1. Far Far Away
2. This Girl
3. Lay It Down
4. Heaven Knows
5. Standin' On the Corner


September 4th 2021.

The Noize Second edition 2021

August 26th 2021.
Don with his copy of the spatter vinyl Slayed.
Photo by Hanne. Thanks to the Don Powell Facebook page.

Don Powell Official FB page

August 20th 2021.
Old New Borrowed And Blue spatter vinyl - 15th October release. Pre-order
Alive and Flame will follow in the same format.


July 20th 2021.
Don't forget to watch the Jim Lea interview and feature on the display of his red suit at the V&A at 8pm BBC2.

Chris Selby has exclusively interviewed Jim about the event.

July 14th 2021
BritBox UK has commissioned an original documentary on British music that’s scheduled to debut on the BBC Studios- and ITV-owned platform on August 26. Our Generation: The Music That Shaped Britain, offers an account of key musical and cultural explosions in Britain including psychedelia, glam rock, punk, acid house, synth pop and Britpop.

The documentary includes insight from people who were involved in each of these eras, and discusses the impact these genres had on the country. Contributors to the documentary include singers and musicians like Johnny Marr of The Smiths, Noddy Holder (pictured) from Slade, Twiggy, Cliff Richard, Shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays, Alex James from Blur, Joan Armatrading and more.

The documentary sheds light on how radical musical shifts changed British society, using rarely seen archival footage to bring to life past decades in Britain’s history.The film is made by ITN Productions, which recently made Secrets of the Key for BritBox UK. Nathaniel Lippiett and Ian Rumsey will serve as executive producers.

Nioddy Holder, ex-Slade

July 12th 2021
Jim gets put on display at the V&A.
Well, his red suit does, anyway.

Important Announcement from The Jim Lea Music Facebook page !
On Tuesday 20th July 2021 at 8pm on BBC2 the behind the scenes at Londons famous Victoria & Albert Museum programme "Secrets of the Museum " will be featuring Jim's iconic red suit . Possibly Jim's most memorable stage outfit the programme will tell it's story and how it has been restored to it's former glory by conservators at the V+A.
Don't forget Tuesday 20th July 2021. BBC2 at 8pm.
More news to follow.

Thanks to the Jim Lea Music Facebook page and of course the BBC for the first sight of this video.

July 8th 2021

Spatter vinyl version of Slayed? - available to pre-order now from the Slade official store and it's released on September 3rd 2021.
Other releases will follow in the same format.


July 6th 2021
Noddy Holder and Pret join forces.

Noddy Holder

A nice exclusive for The Jim Lea Music Facebook page and ourselves.
Ask nicely and you shall receive.

June 14th 2021
Don's 'Let There Be Drums' EP is now available to order HERE.

The Don Powell's Occasional Flames album 'Just My Cup Of Tea' can be ordered here with a number of merch bundles available. Buy it here

Don Powell's Occasional Flames

June 14th 2021
Jim Lea t-shirt now available HERE

June 1st 2021
For those of you who have to have everything - you'll be thrilled to know that Unbound are hoping to publish a new book about Dave's more outrageous clobber. Various pledge options available. Click here for more info.

Dave Hill Cum On Wear The Noize

12th May 2021:
The Don Powell Band's version of Let There Be Drums will finally be available on 18th June via iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and many other platforms. A Limited Edition CD will be available ... Order here.

Before that, on 4th June, Don Powell's Occasional Flames release a download single, Just My Cup Of Tea.

March 31st 2021

Steve Makin

UPDATE 26.3.2021

As you may be aware, there have been soime severe issues with the defective hosting provided by PlusNet. It was thought that the original forum was lost. The good news is that I have managed to get the forum database properly downloaded and the forum has been properly restored, retaining posts going back to 2013. It has been tested, and has now just gone live again. Here it is... Old forum logins will work on there. If anyone has any issues logging in, they can email the admin from the front of the forum site by clicking Contact Us. Please include your username if you need to contact the admin.

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