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news 2021

December 15th
On January 28, 2022, Slade will release the fourth and final vinyl of a series of deluxe reissues. Slade Alive! is released on limited edition red and black splatter vinyl. Pre-order your copy now: https://slade.lnk.to/sladealive-splatterFA

Slade Alive splatter

November 25

Don & The Dreamers ”Honey Don’t” – feat. Don Powell

Don Powell was the founder and drummer of the legendary British rock band Slade. Until a few years ago he was still the anchor of the newest version of the band. A band of working-class heroes, who during the 1970s almost reached the level of The Beatles in the UK and Europe - today remembered for a number of evergreen songs such as ”Merry Xmas Everybody”, ”Cum on Feel the Noise”, ”My Oh My” and ”Far Far Away”.

Don has the Don Powell Band in UK and also recently played a gig with Ringo Starr near his home in Denmark. Don, by some reviewers, has been called the greatest rock drummer in the world. And it’s truely hard to imagine anyone more rock-steady. But Don, now 75, was in need of something rooted more around his Danish home and in his love of early rock & roll. When Henrik Littauer popped up at Don’s house last summer they decided to put this new band of senior Scandinavian rockstars together to play an updated version of rockabilly.

Honey Don’t was written by Carl Perkins and appeared on the B-Side of his 1956 release ”Blue Suede Shoes” . It was later covered by The Beatles.

”Don & The Dreamers –”Honey Don’t”

The Dreamers are - Henrik Littauer who has been around the professional Danish/Norwegian music scene since the early 1970s, producing, film scoring and playing with bands including Malurt. Curly Erik (Krølle Erik in Danish) last year celebrated 50 years on the Danish music scene. He is a gifted blues/rockabilly singer and guitar player with five solo albums behind him. Helge Solberg, bass guitar and cousin of the former Norwegian prime minister has been with a number of renowned bands and artists including Rocazino and played the bass on over 50 albums. Knud Møller was voted Denmarks best rock guitarist in 2008 and has worked with stars such as Poul Krebs, Johnny Madsen, Esther Brohus and many more both as a musician and and in some cases producer.

"Honey Don't" will be streaming from the 8th December 2021.
The group's Facebook page is here.

Honey Don't

November 25th

Don has received some sad news about his former Vendors bandmate Johnnny (Shane ) Howell.
Not to be confused with John Howells of The N'Betweens.

"So SAD to hear dear John had passed away. He actually made contact a few years ago when we did a gig near Blackpool where he was now living.

I first met John when he was lead singer with Johnny Shane (that was his stage name)and the Cadillacs ( another Bilston band) when Johnny, Mick and myself found out he was not with them anymore. We asked him on the off chance that he would join us, The Vendors. He said yes straight away. It was a GREAT combination of the two Johnny Howells singing together. Also his guitar playing was a GREAT asset. I can’t remember how long he was with us for but, as I said, he was a great asset. I’ve got lots of great memories of when he was in the line-up. Also his dad Reg had a red Bedford Dormobile…. He used to drive us to and from gigs. Our very first roadie….
Cheers, Don Powell"

Johnny Shane and the Cadillacs.

Johnny Shane

November 23
The second edition of THE NOIZE The Slade Discography (massively expanded and upgraded to 300 pages) has been released early in paperback.
You can buy it here.

THE NOIZE second edition paperback

November 18th:
You're all invited to subscribe to the Official SLADE Youtube channel.

November 9th 2pm:

Slade In Flame
film soundtrack splatter LP to be released November 26th via BMG. order

Slade In Flame splatter vinyl


The Second Edition of THE NOIZE - THE SLADE DISCOGRAPHY is now available on Amazon world-wide.







October 2021

Slade In Flame Splatter - Release Date: 26/11/2021 - PURCHASE LINK

This is the splatter version of Slade’s first soundtrack album and fifth studio album Slade In Flame.
Originally released on 29th November 1974, it entered the UK album chart at #6 and was certified gold by the BPI in February 1975.

Side A
1. How Does It Feel
2. Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing
3. So Far so Good
4. Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)
5. OK Yesterday Was Yesterday

Side B
1. Far Far Away
2. This Girl
3. Lay It Down
4. Heaven Knows
5. Standin' On the Corner


September 4th 2021.

The Noize Second edition 2021

August 26th 2021.
Don with his copy of the spatter vinyl Slayed.
Photo by Hanne. Thanks to the Don Powell Facebook page.

Don Powell Official FB page

August 20th 2021.
Old New Borrowed And Blue spatter vinyl - 15th October release. Pre-order
Alive and Flame will follow in the same format.


July 20th 2021.
Don't forget to watch the Jim Lea interview and feature on the display of his red suit at the V&A at 8pm BBC2.

Chris Selby has exclusively interviewed Jim about the event.

July 14th 2021
BritBox UK has commissioned an original documentary on British music that’s scheduled to debut on the BBC Studios- and ITV-owned platform on August 26. Our Generation: The Music That Shaped Britain, offers an account of key musical and cultural explosions in Britain including psychedelia, glam rock, punk, acid house, synth pop and Britpop.

The documentary includes insight from people who were involved in each of these eras, and discusses the impact these genres had on the country. Contributors to the documentary include singers and musicians like Johnny Marr of The Smiths, Noddy Holder (pictured) from Slade, Twiggy, Cliff Richard, Shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays, Alex James from Blur, Joan Armatrading and more.

The documentary sheds light on how radical musical shifts changed British society, using rarely seen archival footage to bring to life past decades in Britain’s history.The film is made by ITN Productions, which recently made Secrets of the Key for BritBox UK. Nathaniel Lippiett and Ian Rumsey will serve as executive producers.

Nioddy Holder, ex-Slade

July 12th 2021
Jim gets put on display at the V&A.
Well, his red suit does, anyway.

Important Announcement from The Jim Lea Music Facebook page !
On Tuesday 20th July 2021 at 8pm on BBC2 the behind the scenes at Londons famous Victoria & Albert Museum programme "Secrets of the Museum " will be featuring Jim's iconic red suit . Possibly Jim's most memorable stage outfit the programme will tell it's story and how it has been restored to it's former glory by conservators at the V+A.
Here's a special preview. - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p09ntgl7...
Don't forget Tuesday 20th July 2021. BBC2 at 8pm.
More news to follow.

Thanks to the Jim Lea Music Facebook page and of course the BBC for the first sight of this video.

July 8th 2021

Spatter vinyl version of Slayed? - available to pre-order now from the Slade official store and it's released on September 3rd 2021.
Other releases will follow in the same format.


July 6th 2021
Noddy Holder and Pret join forces.

Noddy Holder

A nice exclusive for The Jim Lea Music Facebook page and ourselves.
Ask nicely and you shall receive.

June 14th 2021
Don's 'Let There Be Drums' EP is now available to order HERE.

The Don Powell's Occasional Flames album 'Just My Cup Of Tea' can be ordered here with a number of merch bundles available. Buy it here

Don Powell's Occasional Flames

June 14th 2021
Jim Lea t-shirt now available HERE

June 1st 2021
For those of you who have to have everything - you'll be thrilled to know that Unbound are hoping to publish a new book about Dave's more outrageous clobber. Various pledge options available. Click here for more info.

Dave Hill Cum On Wear The Noize

12th May 2021:
The Don Powell Band's version of Let There Be Drums will finally be available on 18th June via iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and many other platforms. A Limited Edition CD will be available ... Order here.

Before that, on 4th June, Don Powell's Occasional Flames release a download single, Just My Cup Of Tea.

March 31st 2021

Steve Makin

UPDATE 26.3.2021

As you may be aware, there have been soime severe issues with the defective hosting provided by PlusNet. It was thought that the original forum was lost. The good news is that I have managed to get the forum database properly downloaded and the forum has been properly restored, retaining posts going back to 2013. It has been tested, and has now just gone live again. Here it is... www.sladeforum.co.uk Old forum logins will work on there. If anyone has any issues logging in, they can email the admin from the front of the forum site by clicking Contact Us. Please include your username if you need to contact the admin.


news 2020

MAY 2020


Wednesday 6th May 2020 - The news today is that Jim has accepted an invitation to chat with James Whale on his radio show).


As Jim is currently in lockdown at home, he will be a phone-in guest on the show. The James Whale show is broadcast on talkRADIO between 19.00 to 22.00 weekdays. At the moment Jim is planned to chat in a 40 minute section from 21.20pm. However, plans sometimes change at the last minute - so make sure that you tune in early!

Just so fans are aware, to coincide with the broadcast, Jim will be doing a 'soft', low key, re-issue of the 'Lost In Space' single (remixed). It is purely to test the water for radio plays. No physical CD copies will be available to purchase of this single, but it is available to download from all the usual places. Remember, the six track 'Lost In Space' EP is still available to purchase from Wienerworld.

It'd be great if fans could listen in and also support his appearance on the show by texting / messaging after his interview. We'll give more information on this nearer to the time of broadcast.

You can listen to talk radio on the internet at https://talkradio.co.uk/ .

Saturday 9th May 2020:
We say a fond farewell and thank you to Little Richard - one of Slade's biggest influences, without whom...

14th May 2020:

Black Country blues musician Rebecca Downes to release Slade cover single.
The Wolverhampton musician releases a cover version of the group's hit single Mama Weer All Crazee Now on 15.05.2020, available to be streamed worldwide. (Express & Star)

Rebecca says: "Are the current circumstances driving you crazy? Well, Mama, weer all crazee now! At last I can reveal that our new single, out next Friday, 15 May, is a dark, haunting version of Slade’s classic tune. As our press release says:"Inspired by the feel of Lorde’s cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World and the Michael Andrews ft Gary Jules version of Mad World, this Rebecca Downes/Steve Birkett interpretation of the popular Jim Lea/Noddy Holder rock classic delivers a dark, moody anthem of our time that will resonate with many elements of the current national mood." It will be on all streaming and download platforms next Friday in full-length and radio edit forms, together with a full-length video on Vevo." Colin will be sending it out to radio contacts over the weekend - if you run a radio show and want to play the track then please email us. Can't wait for you to hear it in full! xxx" (Website)

APRIL 2020

Wednesday 15th April 2020

Major announcement.

Don is recovering really well from his stroke earlier in the year. He is currently keeping fit by doing a lot of walking around where he lives in Denmark - His usual daily gym sessions can't continue as his gym is currently shut (due to coronavirus). He will soon be joining the band The Ex Men. Don will meet up with the guys as soon as he can fly to the UK and start rehearsals. Gigs with them will commence in the autumn  - and they are being booked now for the UK and other territories. Look out for further announcements along the way. We're sure that all fans will be so pleased to see Don back where he belongs - behind a drum kit - and will support his new venture!

In the meantime here's the press release that has just been issued:


"Slade was without doubt the ultimate English Rock band. They had all the right ingredients. Noddy Holder was - and still is - one of the most powerful and unique voices in the business and with Jim Lea - a phenomenal musician - together the Holder / Lea partnership wrote some of the biggest selling songs in British Rock and Roll History. Add Don Powell as the foundation block and powerhouse, along with the outrageously-dressed Dave Hill - and you have the perfect recipe for Domination.

The band formed in Wolverhampton in 1966. They rose to prominence during the Glam Rock era of the early 1970s, achieving 17 consecutive Top 20 hits and six Number Ones on the UK Singles Chart alone. The British Hit Singles & Albums names them the most successful British group of the 1970s based on sales of singles. They were the first act to have three singles enter the charts at Number One. All six of the band's chart-toppers were penned by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea. Their best-selling single, ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’, sold millions. According to the BBC in 1999, Slade sold over 50 million records worldwide.

All good things usually come to an end, and in 1992, Noddy Holder and Jim Lea having had enough of touring, decided to leave the band.

Don Powell and Dave Hill couldn’t let the band stop, so carried on their partnership initially as Slade II, then with Noddy’s blessing, as Slade. Sadly, Slade disbanded in January 2020.

Now a new era has dawned. Don Powell has teamed up with a Very Merry band of musicians hailing from various impressive rock and roll backgrounds to deliver an action-packed, hit-performing unit  spanning the decades.

The new band are aptly called The Ex Men and include:

DON POWELL  – Drums. Founding member of Slade achieving millions of record sales globally. Without doubt one of the finest British Rock drummers of all time. In more recent times, Don has performed as part of Don Powell’s Occasional Flames and has also recorded and performed as part of QSP – alongside Andy Scott of The Sweet and Suzi Quatro.

PETER BARTON – Vocals/Guitar. Pete enjoyed touring the World as lead vocalist and bass player with Original 1960’s Animals members John Steel, Dave Rowberry and Mick Gallagher. Belting out hits like ‘House of The Rising Sun’, ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’, ‘We Gotta Get Out of This Place’ plus many more. Originally taking to the stage in 1977. Over the decades, Peter had the pleasure of performing in the same band with the likes of Steve Cropper, Mick Green, Spencer Davis, Noel Redding plus many more. Pete first met Don Powell when he was invited by Len Tuckey (Slade II Manager) to audition for Slade II in the early 1990’s. Ultimately, it was Steve Whalley who filled that role successfully for many years.

BILL HURD – Guitar/ Keyboards. Bill is one of the founding members of International Chart Toppers, The Rubettes. Bill enjoyed amazing success and number one records all over the World including ‘Sugar Baby Love’, ‘Juke Box Jive’, ‘I Can Do It’ and many more. Bill has continued to perform the Rubettes’ classics all all over the World to this day and joins The Ex Men as a very special guest for the ‘Merry Christmas Everybody Tour 2020’.

GRAHAM POLLOCK – Guitar Vocals. Graham hails from the late 1960’s Glaswegian music scene. Performing on the same circuit as Marmalade, SAHB, Maggie Bell and many more. Over the years he has been acknowledged as one of the great guitar sidemen. Gracing the stage as guitarist with the Bay City Rollers, alongside Eric Faulkner, he spent over 20 years touring the World as guitarist and vocalist with original Hollies founder Eric Haydock performing all the great songs including ‘I’m Alive’, ‘Just One Look’, ‘The Air That I Breathe’ and ‘Bus Stop’ to name just a few. He also enjoyed success playing with original Kinks founder member Mick Avory and former Tremeloes front man Chip Hawkes. Graham is one of the founders of The Ex Men.

GEOFF HAMMOND – Percussion/Vocals – Geoff has been performing since the mid 1960’s. He spent time as the drummer with founding Move guitarist Trevor Burton playing ‘Night of Fear’, ‘Blackberry Way’, ‘I Can Hear the Grass Grow’, ‘Flowers in The Rain’ and other classics. He later went on to join former Moody Blues and Wings original Denny Laine, once again performing all the classics including ‘Band on The Run’, ‘Mull of Kintyre’, ‘Go Now, ‘Jet’ and more. Back in the 1990’s Geoff reformed Lieutenant Pigeon alongside founding member Steve Johnson and again toured the World. Also, back in the 1990’s Geoff formed the CCR band Revived alongside Peter Barton and has had major success touring the songs of John Fogerty.

ALAN SAGAR – Bass/Vocals – Last but by no means least. One of the most sought-after session bass players on the planet. Over the years Alan has also had the pleasure of performing with some great heritage music names, including original Thin Lizzy founder Eric Bell playing the global hit ‘Whiskey in The Jar’ and more recently, was asked by Scottish Celtic Rock Band Big Country to join the band to play a series of concerts as their bass player including the Giants of Rock Festival and Celtic Connections at Barrowlands in Glasgow.

Collectively, THE EX MEN have played to millions of people over the years and have performed some of the biggest songs in British Music.

NOW in the fall of 2020, amidst all the chaos in the World today, these six musicians will give you the ultimate Rocking Christmas show EVER with ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ - highlighting everybody’s career to date

Guaranteed to Bring the House Down!

For more information please contact Tenacity.
Management: Peter Barton Management."

December UK gigs to be confirmed in the next few days and tickets on sale imminently.
Please keep an eye on http://www.donpowellofficial.com/
Recording in the new year of new material for an EP in spring.


As promised. Ahead of the Glam Rock special appearing in Vive Le Rock magazine in the summer, here’s Jim’s Top Five Glam Rock songs:

Maggie May – Rod Stewart
All The Young Dudes – Mott The Hoople
Life On Mars – David Bowie
20th Century Boy – T.Rex
School’s Out – Alice Cooper
I Love Rock n Roll – The Arrows version

*Jim knows that he has made six choices – but he wasn’t sure whether ‘Maggie May’ could be considered Glam Rock or not! He thinks though that it’s such a fantastic track that he wanted it included if he could.

The next bit of news is about Jim’s clothes auction… We realise it’s all been a bit quiet on this front recently.
However, Jim, or should we say Louise, has finally sorted out the clothes he wants to pass on.

Jim’s most famous red shiny suit (jacket and trousers) from 1973.Used on the debut of ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’ on Top Of The Pops and for the Slade’s biggest UK indoor gig at Earl’s Court on 1 July 1973.

Jim’s purple satin jacket from 1972 -Used on tv promotion for ‘Look Wot You Dun’.

Jim’s cream satin and sequined jacket and matching waistcoat from 1975.Waistcoat used on ‘Thanks For The Memory’ Top Of The Pops recording 1975 and jacket used in ‘In For A Penny’ promotion 1975.

Jim’s flowery jacket from 1975 -Used in ‘Slade In Flame’ movie and ‘How Does It Feel’ promotion and at regional ‘Slade In Flame’ premieres (not London premiere) also it was worn at Slade’s 10th birthday party on 1 April 1976.

Jim’s black satin with white flowers jacket from 1975.Used in Slade photoshoot at the Statue of Liberty in New York 1975.

Jim’s mainly blue, multicoloured jacket from 1975 -(maybe from ‘How Does It Feel’ promo?) Item to be investigated with more details to follow.

Jim’s bomber jacket 1974 - Used in the filming of ‘Slade In Flame’ (sewing on zip broken but it can be fixed).

Jim’s winter coat - Used by him on UK tours in the 1970

Jim’s jacket with furry colour and cuffs 1973. Worn by Jim for Slade’s London Palladium shows in January 1973

As Jim and Louise are currently in isolation in the Midlands, the items cannot be passed over to Jim’s brother Frank for the auction to commence. However, this will be sorted when lockdown is over.

Next steps:
Photos of the items for auction to appear on Jim’s website (photos from 2020 showing current condition). Items to be collected by Jim’s brother Frank. Auction process to be determined. Jim’s charity to be determined. Auction to take place – items to be handed over to highest bidders.

Saturday 25th April 2020 – Jim has always been reluctant to issue merchandise. However, he has bowed down to record company pressure! A new photoshoot of Jim will take place, a photo from which will be used for T Shirts to be sold this summer onwards. The design of the T Shirt will be decided by Jim’s brother Frank. Watch this space for more info – and details how to purchase in due course.

MARCH 2020:

Sunday 1st March 2020
Official Statement:

Unfortunately Don had a stroke on Saturday (29th February) morning. Luckily his step-daughter Emilie, who is a doctor, was at his house in Denmark when it happened and knew what to do straight away and called an ambulance.

Don's wife Hanne has sent an update to his website saying: "On Sunday afternoon I picked Don up from the hospital. He will be monitored from home until Wednesday afternoon as it is less stressful for him to be at home, and that is important at the moment. The MRI and CT scan results shows two blood clots in the left frontal lobe, and he is now on medication. There is a narrowing on his artery on his neck so we will know in a few days if he will need an operation. The scan results are sent to the cardiology surgeons to decide. Don is tired but in good spirits and he is happy that he can use/feel his right arm and leg again. So we are all very relieved and thankful."

We're sure every one of Don's fans will appreciate the photo of him smiling despite having such a health upset.


2nd March 2020:
A message from Jim Lea to Don Powell, posted on his website

"Hi Don - It was terrible to hear of your stroke. A real body blow!! Although the band finished many moons ago, we were like brothers during that 25 years together. You were and still are the quickest wit in the band. You kept us laughing through the ups and downs of those years. I'm sure that everyone who's met you thinks the same. Keep smiling Don and get through this. Get well soon. Jim.

4th March 2020:
Latest news: ​UPDATE FROM DON

"Hi Webmaster! Letting you know that I had all of my 'stickers' off today and the reading monitor is being sent off for analysis. More hospital treatment later this week BUT in all things are looking really great. Let everyone know I'm overwhelmed at all the 'get well soon' messages. I will be answering all the 'get well' emails I promise!

Many thanks, Don XXXXXX'

7th March 2020:
Courtesy of John Coghlan.

"It is strange though when at first you don’t or won’t put two and two together as to what is wrong….
I sort of had an idea (frightening as it was), when I lost the use of my left arm and leg. It reminded me of my drinking days… shouldn’t joke. I couldn’t even hold the TV remote.

I give thanks and have nothing but praise for the brilliant medical team here, who are looking after me so well, step by step, just trying to help me do the simplest of tasks that we all take for granted. I have a long way to go, and I have been warned in the strongest terms not to play drums, drive or fly until 1st June…… How perfect is that.????......"I am SO looking forward to seeing everyone…. with love to you all."

7th March 2020:
Photo courtesy of Andy Scott.

"Dr. Scott visited Don Powell earlier today to see how he was doing. As you all can see, Don looked really good."

Andy Scott with Don Powell

7th March 2020:
Jim had a great week appearing on Ken Bruce's 'Tracks Of My Years' feature on his Radio Two show.
Jim's musical choices were as follows:
2nd March: Wonderful Land - The Shadows / Twist and Shout - The Beatles
3rd March: My Generation - The Who / Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
4th March: You Really Got Me - The Kinks / Say You Don't Mind - Colin Blunstone
5th March: Man Of The World - Fleetwood Mac / Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix
6th March: Reach Out I'll Be There - The Four Tops / The Man With The Child In His Eyes - Kate Bush

8th March 2020:
Email from Don this morning:

"Feeling great mate.
Got a great medical team behind me….
Lots of exercises, which I’m enjoying……
Cheers Ian."


Monday 3rd February 2020
Don Powell announcement about Slade

The cold email tweet

"It is with great sadness and regret that Don needs to inform his fans that he now is no longer a member of Dave Hill's Slade. Dave has sent Don a cold email to inform him that his services are no longer required, after working together and being friends since 1963.

However, the great news is that Don is now fully fit to play drums again! He is coming back with his band who will be called Don Powell's Slade. He is forming it with ex-Slade 2 bass guitar member Craig Fenney. We will post more news about the recruited members in due course. Don so looks forward to going on the road and seeing all the fans again.

More news! Don is currently recording a solo album. He is in North West England at the moment - recording tracks with Paul Cookson and Les Glover. All these tracks will be issued in Don's debut solo album!

Additionally, as previously mentioned on this site, Don has finished and completed a new album with Don Powell's Occasional Flames which will be released this year. Don hopes that all his loyal fans will support his new ventures which he is very excited about."

This was followed the next day by a short and contradicting response from Dave Hill:

Feb 4, 2020:
"I am sad to announce that Don and I will no longer be working together. Our parting of the ways has not come out of the blue and his announcement is not accurate. I wish Don every success in his future efforts. I will, of course, carry on and look forward to many future performances and meeting fans."
Dave Hill

Following this news, social media and the press have exploded and many people have taken sides. This is a group that we have loved and whose members we have respected over the years. The full story is not out there yet and we can only say that taking sides in this matter doesn't help anybody and is premature.

Feb 4, 2020:
Nod's measured response from The Birmingham Evening Mail (his comments edited - full article here:

Noddy told BirminghamLive he was 'surprised' by the split after watching the pair working together for 56 years.

"I am surprised and would never have seen this coming. We don't see each other very often, but get together every now and then to sort through a few things. If they have fallen out, it's nothing to do with me, but it's what rock and roll bands do, even after all this time - I never get involved with politics. Something must have happened, but who knows what and I don't know how it could have happened, quite frankly. I know that Don has had leg trouble and been off the road for a while."

Feb 8th 2020:
Express & Star article

'Dave can’t use the name Slade anymore':
Former drummer Don Powell on being fired by his bandmate and the next chapter

Slade drummer Don Powell today spoke of his shock at being kicked out of the band he has played in and loved for more than 50 years. Powell received an email from guitarist Dave Hill saying his services were no longer required.

It has been suggested that Powell’s recent health struggles after damaging tendons in his legs were behind the move. But he has dismissed that suggestion and says he is back to his best.

He said: “I wasn’t expecting it, that’s for sure. All I know is I got the email saying Dave didn’t want to work with me any more. What can I say? He’s somebody I’ve been working with since 1963 – before we formed Slade – and I got an email like that. It was the end of last week, I think, or the start of this week. You can imagine, I was quite taken aback when I got it. I haven’t spoken to him, obviously, but whatever, we’ll see. Someone you’ve been playing in a band with 1963…. what can you say?"

“There’s no problem with my legs. I’ve been playing a few songs. And there’s no problem, believe me.”

Powell revealed he is going ahead with his plans to form his own band, Don Powell’s Slade, and he said he would challenge Dave Hill unless he agreed to change the name of his band to Dave Hill’s Slade.

"I’m forming the band. I’m sitting with the bass player and we’re sorting a few things out and getting a format together," he said.

"People love the shows, it’s still there. The fans are still there so I’ve got no intentions of jacking it in. I’m still having a ball. This is a new phase of having my life. I know all the guys and we’ll get a band together. Dave can’t use the name Slade anymore – he’ll have to use the name Dave Hill’s Slade.”

The association between Powell and Hill goes back to the 1960s, when they played in The ‘N Betweens. They enjoyed the highs and lows, with Slade becoming the most successful British band since The Beatles, selling millions of records and enjoying huge success around the world. They sold a reported 50 million records and achieved 17 consecutive top 20 hits and six number ones on the UK Singles Chart.

Original frontman Noddy Holder and guitarist/songwriter Jim Lea left after 25 years when the band’s popularity started to decline. The original quartet last performed together in 1991 when they played a version of Johnny B Goode at Walsall Town Hall.

Don Powell and Dave Hill kept the flame alive by forming Slade II in 1992 with other musicians. The line-up has changed on a number of occasions since then, though Powell and Hill were ever-presents.

Powell said he was always supportive of other members and is surprised he has now had to leave.

He said: “When you think we formed in 1966 and we had a fantastic career really and Noddy later went off and found other outlets and other things, like the acting parts like the DJ thing, it’s been great. Nod had a regular thing on Manchester radio because he wanted to further his career and he ended up doing a lot of voice overs. You can hear him on certain programmes – his voice is unmistakeable.”

Powell added it was no secret there had been ups and downs between band members over the years, while also revealing that the four members had never bought each other a drink. He said: “Having different characters in a band is what makes a band. Ninety nine per cent of bands have different personalities and that’s what makes the bands."

"The thing with the four of us was that we knew each other so well. There was one weird thing about us which was that we never bought each other a drink. In all our years together, we never once did that. There was an unwritten law and we’d buy our own drinks. We would be out together but we still wouldn’t buy each other a drink. We just didn’t do that. There was nothing untoward, it’s just the way it was.”

Many close to the band have described Powell as being the most easy-going member of Slade. And Powell says that characterisation is probably correct, adding: “That’s fair enough. It’s been good not really being recognised, because I’ve been the drummer, I’ve had less attention that the other guys. I’d say that’s been to my advantage. I’ve been able to go out anywhere and have a quiet night without people coming over. I did get some people coming over telling me I looked like the drummer out of Slade. Whenever people said that, I’d just reply ‘A lot of people say that’. I did have a girl once who told me I looked like the drummer and I told her I was. So she told me I was rubbish and I never did it again. It’s funny, looking back.”

Powell added that he was in good health and raring to go. He said: “We’ve been playing and we’ve been rehearsing. There had been nothing untoward with Dave over the past year. I had the problem with the tendons of my leg and I was warned I’d be in a wheelchair if I played and that’s it, so I kept off the drums until it all healed."

“But then all of a sudden I got the email. Well, you know, what can you say? I just thought after all these years you could have spoken to me face to face.”

Powell added that he was looking forward to the next chapter of Slade. “There’ll possibly be Christmas shows, we’ll see how it goes. It’s all coming together pretty quickly if I’m being honest and I’ll keep people in the loop.”

Dave Hill’s agent has been approached for a comment. The musician did comment on the Slade website, saying: “Our parting of the ways has not come out of the blue”. He described Powell’s version of events as “not accurate”.

On February 8th, Suzan Holder humourously tweeted:
Breaking news - 'Noddy Holder's Slade' currently in rehearsal.
The sound from the back bedroom is incredible as they re-work The Okey Cokey.


Friday 28th February 2020 - Jim's long awaited appearance on Ken Bruce's 'Tracks Of My Years' feature will finally get aired next week. From Monday 2nd March to Friday 6th March Jim will choose, discuss and play two songs per day that have shaped his life. Ken Bruce's show is broadcast between 9.30am and midday each week day on Radio Two. 

An announcement will be made about the project Jim has been working on for the last few years, that has been very close to his heart...

​However, as website readers, we will exclusively tell you now... Jim has been making a biography DVD that will be released this year, hopefully before Summer. The working title is currently: 'The Story Of Jim Lea and Slade'. Fans have constantly asked Jim to write a biography - but he has decided to do better than that. He tells the story of him and Slade on a DVD.

Jim asked friends to be recorded to help him tell the story - and these friends included Paul Weller, Francis Rossi, Roy Wood, Karl Wallinger of World Party, Mick Fleetwood and Don Powell - to name a few. Jim was particularly grateful to Don who flew over to the UK from Denmark to help with the project.

Dave Meehan is Director of the DVD with Frank Lea as Executive Producer.

​More details to follow over the next few months.


Any info - please email

Jim Lea's guitar stolen
Click image to see full size

Am I the greatest now re-released as a single, with a brand new mix.

Jim Lea track download
Click image for link to buy the track.

Jim wants to announce that he and his wife Lou are absolutely delighted that they have become grandparents for the fourth time. Their son Kristian's partner Zoe has given birth to a baby boy at 5am on New Year's morning. The baby is fine and healthy - and Kristian and Zoe will decide a name for him soon. Great news for the Lea family to start 2020.

news 2019


Noddy Holder on WM radio over Christmas;
An interview will be broadcast at noon on 22.12.2019 and repeated on Christmas day at 4pm.

22.12.2019: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07y1gx3
25.12.2019: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07wn268
Links will only work when the programme is being broadcast and afterwards.

Nod has a single page interview on the latest issue of Vive-Le-Rock magazine.
Jim Lea has also done an interview for them, which is to be published in the new year.


Many congratulations to Don. He made a surprise return to the stage on Friday 1st November with Slade. He joined the band onstage in Horsens, Denmark and performed three songs with the band! He then went on to do two more gigs over the weekend.

Here's what Don has said:

"It's a fantastic feeling to be back. I got up and played at three gigs over the weekend: Horsens (Denmark - 1st November), Docken (Copenhagen, Denmark - 2nd November) and Malmo (Sweden - 3rd November). I played three encores 'My Oh My', 'Cum On Feel The Noize' and 'Merry Xmas Everybody'. It was fantastic and a great crowd reaction..."

Courtesy of http://www.donpowellofficial.com/


OUT 7.10.2019 - AMAZON



Jim today has announced that there will be a change of plan regarding the next single release.

​Jim's manager. Frank Lea, has recruited a radio plugger to assist in getting Jim radio play for his next single. The plugger has been through Jim's catalogue and he really wants to give a remastered version of 'Am I The Greatest Now?' another go. He thinks that with the current radio climate, and the time of year, that this track stands the best chance of getting radio play now. The new remastered version of the song will be released on Wienerworld in late October.

Both Jim and Frank are disappointed that fans will not hear the new track 'There's A Hole in My Soul' just yet. However they are being guided by the advice of the plugger... But fear not, the good news is that 'There's A Hole In My Soul' will follow at the start of next year.

More info to follow in due course.​

July 2019:

Don official website received this message from Don today (Tuesday 9th July) that he has asked us to share:​
"From the bottom of my heart. I really want to thank everyone who sent me ‘GET WELL’ messages while I was in hospital with my snapped tendon problem, and during my ongoing recovery period.

I had lots of chocolate sent to me - there was SO much! SO WONDERFUL! I even I had to give in and share it with the nurses who were looking after me…

​At the moment, I’m doing a physiotherapy programme which I am pleased to report is working SO well. I’m in the gym every morning at 05:30 (I didn’t realise there was two 5 ‘o’clocks in a day…..) It's still gonna take time for my recovery - my physiotherapist has stressed to me, not to play drums too soon ‘cause if my tendons snap again, that will be the end of my career…. I know the Slade guys are in great hands with Alex stepping in on drums (Isn’t he the same height as ‘H’??!) SO people, hopefully I’ll see you before the end of the year (at the Slade convention in Wolverhampton for those of you who are going)…… ONCE AGAIN - MANY THANKS FOR YOU’RE GET WELL WISHES" Don…………


Friday 12th July - As posted on Jim’s official website www.jimleamusic.com:

Steve Lloyd from Wednesbury, UK was the first person who correctly guessed the exact correct title of the song. Steve posted his guess at 12.34 on Friday 28 June on the Slade Are For Life…. Facebook page.

Jim is currently busy in the studio and we will arrange for him to buy Steve the promised beer in the near future… Steve – Jim Lea HQ will contact you tomorrow via Facebook. Congratulations! Look forward to having that beer! Fans can look forward to hearing Jim’s new release this Autumn!

June 2019:

Occasional Flames release dates:
14 June 2019 - 'Coz We Luv You' - digital release single
2 Aug 2019 - 'I Won't Be Playing Wonderwall Tonight' digital release single
18 Oct 2019 - 'Taping The Hiss' album by Don Powell's Ocasional Flames - CD release
18 Oct 2019 - Appearance at Slade Fans Convention at Slade Rooms Wolverhampton - tickets click here
29 Nov 2019 - 'It Isn't Really Christmas Until Noddy Starts To Sing' - digital single release and limited edition 7" vinyl release

For more information see www.occasional-flames.co.uk


More dates may be added.

NEW JIM LEA SINGLE ALERT: Before we announce the single title, Jim Lea HQ will be running a fantastic competition, and the winner will be invited to a one-to-one meeting with Jim - and Jim will buy the beers (other soft drink options available) !

The competition will be tough - very tough. We're actually not sure anyone will get the correct answer... But if somebody does, the prize will be this personal meeting with Jim - which would be either in Wolverhampton or London. All we can say at the moment is the competition will relate to Jim's new single. All will be explained on the forum at noon, Friday 28 June. Fans will have two weeks to enter.

You can leave your entries in the open JIM LEA COMPETITION forum at www.sladeforum.co.uk.
Feel free to register on the forum while you are there. Watch this space.

Don getting some drum exercise in.

"We are so pleased to share some photos that all Slade fans would want to see - Don back behind a drum kit!

Don yesterday (Wednesday 19th June) tried a few minutes on the drum kit that he has in the loft at his home in Silkeborg, Denmark...

It's a small electronic practice kit and he did a very easy session... He was able to play the practice kit without using his legs (or damaged knees)... As mentioned in Don's video message yesterday,

Don doubts that he'll be able to use his legs for drumming for a little while yet (he's said he might not be able to drum at the Fan's Convention in Wolverhampton in October) as he has been advised by Specialists to take things very slowly.... BUT it is great to see him back behind a kit again and bashing out some tunes with some sticks!"

Check out Don's website for more pics.

Don Powell Slade

14th June: Jim Lea is 70.
“Wow. I’m 70 years old today! I’m feeling good and having a great day at home with my family.

I’ve been made aware of all the messages from the fans that have been coming in on my monumental birthday, either by email to the website, or on social media such as Facebook / Slade Are For Life page and Twitter etc. Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write today and wished me well.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I have been busy in the studio for a great period of this year. The various projects I have been working on are all coming to completion now – and I look forward to sharing my finished work with you soon. I am excited for everyone to hear it all!

Undoubtedly I will catch up with everyone when the rounds of promotion start for the product.
Until then – stay healthy! Love and regards Jim XXX”

Noddy Holder was 73 on the 15th.
A message for you all from Noddy Holder: "Many thanks for the many Birthday wishes. It’s good to know the body of work is still appreciated by genuine fans. You know I LUV YOU...KEEP on ROCKIN’ NoddyH"

According to Don's website, the Kaleidescope organisation have located five new TOTP appearances featuring Slade that were previously thought to have been "lost". They are;

4 Nov 1971 : Coz I Luv You (400th TOTP show)
17 Feb 1972 : Look Wot You Dun
23 Nov 1972 : Gudbuy T'Jane (promo clip filmed at Greenwich Observatory)
17 Oct 1974 : Far Far Away
19 Feb 1976 : Let's Call it Quits

April 2019:

Friday 26th April - Don has provided an update on his health that he would like to share with his fans:"Well I'm pleased to report that I'm now walking without sticks and I've even returned to driving! BUT I have been strictly warned at the moment not to play drums, or go to the fitness centre. My knees are still swollen, but I am having no pain.  It is a nice feeling not being restricted to the house though, as I can get out and about now! Hoping all the fans are doing well - and I look forward to catching you soon! Love Don XXXX "

The Singles box set has been delayed until September 6th 2019 by BMG.

Don Powell is doing a side project - The Occasional Flames.
Their website will be here. Watch for updates.

Slade's music is now available on Spotify and other quality streaming platforms.

April 4th 2019: Dave Hill is 73. Best wishes.

Dave Hill Slade

Tickets for the 2019 Slade Fans convention at the Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton on October 19th 2019 can be bought here. Acts confirmed for the day are Slade UK, Andrew Heagan and The Pouk Hill Prophets.

March 2019:


(later delayed to September 6th)


AVAILABLE MAY 25th 2019. Pre-order HERE.

Slade In Flame being shown at Regent Street Cinema in London - 14 March 2019 - Dave Hill in attendance.
Tickets available from http://regentstreetcinema.com  

Some Slade content expected at this BFI SouthBank event: https://whatson.bfi.org.uk/Online/musicbelievedwreeltime

Bravo Slade Scrapbook available here. £51.22.

Slade's music will be available on Spotify and other quality streaming platforms in mid-April.

February 2019:

Don Powell is convalescing at home.
Mal McNulty has left Slade II and Russell Keefe replaces him.
Bruce Bisland will cover drum duties for a period.

January 2019:

by Ian Edmundson & Chris Selby OUT NOW!!



From Don's official website : Update on Don: Tuesday 22 January 2019

Don is making great progress and wants to let everyone know that he is doing well and is on the mend. He is currently still in hospital in Peterborough - where he has been since his accident happened on 28th December when he ripped the tendons in his legs. He has received wonderful care from the team at the hospital - who not only are looking after him medically, but are pampering him silly! Don is wearing clamps on his legs when he walks - and he reports that his legs are getting stronger every day.

He is now waiting to be moved to Wolverhampton for convalescence and physiotherapy - and so that he can be near to his family. He is is good spirits and in a positive frame of mind and can't wait to get back behind the drum kit. Thanks again to friends, family, colleagues in the music business and fans for their continued support!

Message from Don - Tuesday 1st January 2019
Don is recovering from his operation and is resting up. He has, however, this morning asked his webmaster to post a message of thanks to everyone who has sent him emails, Facebook posts and goodwill messages over the last few days. He wishes everyone a Happy New Year - and looks forward to seeing fans again soon!

Louder Than Sound review Slade Alive here.


news 2018


Noddy Holder lego statue at Birmingham New Street:

Timelapse video of Lego Noddy Holder from Holly Barry on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, shows due to take place 28th / 29th December have been cancelled.
Please contact venue/ticket agency for further info.

Don Powell, Drummer was admitted to hospital last night with suspected snapped tendons, Don will have surgery today and further details will be released in due course. If you would like to send Get Well wishes please email info@halcarterorg.com
Many thanks.
Abbie Carter (Agent)

Updates: (via Dave Kemp): "An email from Don’s wife Hanne this morning with some bad news... “Well Don landed in England yesterday afternoon and went on the train towards Wakefield for today’s gig. When changing train both his legs collapsed (first the left leg and then the right leg) as he was trying to walk again to the platform. An ambulance arrived and took him to hospital. Both his tendons have snapped and he was supposed to have surgery on both legs this morning, but because of another emergency situation the surgery is postponed until tomorrow. He can’t move his legs and especially his left leg is very swollen around the knee and looks like a football, says Don.”

Unfortunately the last two gigs of the Slade Xmas tour in Wakefield tonight and Brighton tomorrow, have been cancelled. I’ll put an update on the DP website later.... in the meantime: GET WELL SOON DON!"

Dave has spoken to Don. He’s in good spirits and had friends with him in hospital at his bedside. He spoke as to how grateful he was to the ambulance crew who spent a long time with him at the train station where he had the accident. The surgeon has told Don the op looks definite for tomorrow - and family will be with him... Webmaster passed on good will messages from Jim and Frank Lea. Also Don has been told about all the Facebook messages from fans - and is grateful to everyone for their concern.


October 2018:

Don Powell lyric booklet now available via Paul Cookson website: AVAILABLE HERE

Don Powell lyric book Know who you are available now.

Photo by Malcolm and Fran.

Don records a Christmas single with Paul Cookson and Les Glover
Don recorded five tracks with Paul Cookson and Les Glover, on 14th September at the Swanyard Studios in Retford.

Don - drums, cowbell, backing vocals, handclaps, Les Glover - guitars, bass, vocals, handclaps, Paul Cookson - backing vocals, handclaps.

The tracks recorded were:
'It Really Isn't Christmas Til Noddy Starts To Sing'
'Coz We Luv You'
'The Wednesday Weekly Care Home Glam Rock Singalong'
'Rose Tinted Glasses'
'The Soundtrack of my Youth'

'Coz We Luv You' and 'It Isn’t Really Christmas Until Noddy Starts To Sing' will be released as a vinyl single!!!

There will also be a 5 track EP available - that will include two versions of the Christmas song plus 'The Wednesday Weekly Care Home Glam Rock Singalong' and 'Rose Tinted Glasses'...

​AVAILABLE HERE, along with a book of Don Powell's lyrics and other Slade-related items.

June 2018:

Jim Lea EP review:


19 June 2018 - Jim was pleased to help his friend Jamie Davey's band Kornastone, and play violin on a video they were filming at the Grosvenor House in Bridgenorth on Tuesday evening (19th June). The video is to promote the record 'Oh My Days'. ​Fan Alan Taylor sat in on the recording and took the photos (below) that he has kindly shared with us. (You might recognise Jamie Davey and Dave Lawrence from the photos - both were Jim's backing singers at Jim's event at The Robin 2 on 5th November last year. They also appear in Jim's new DVD 'An Audience with Jim Lea at the Robin 2').

Jim Lea of Slade guests with Kornastone

Jim Lea of Slade with Kornastone

Jim Lea with Kornastone

  Photos above courtesy of Alun Taylor ©

On Friday June 15th, Don managed to meet and play with his idol Ringo Starr in Denmark.

Here's what happened in Don's words: Friday 15th June 2018. Ringo Starr gig in Horsens, Denmark

"Hanne and myself drove to Horsens for the Ringo Starr Concert…. We parked up and made our way to the backstage area…. We have been told we were on the backstage list but had no idea how we were going to get in.......At the backstage entrance they had NO idea about our names on the guest list…. We went to the front entrance - the same there…. I thought "OH NO"… We left a few messages on mobile phones.

Apparently, text messages were flying around all over Europe and America ‘bout the, whereabouts of our passes. We eventually made contact with Gregg Bissonette (Ringo’s other drummer) - he had all our passes. (PHEW). We went backstage and bumped into Graham Gouldman (10CC) he was playing bass for Ringo. He told us that Ringo had said to him: “Slade’s drummer Don Powell is going to play with us tonight".

We met Jeff Chonis, Ringo’s drum tech, he told me to go easy on Ringo’s kit - which I would be using! Ringo then came up to me, holding a huge plate..... with a very small piece of cake on it for me! We had a really lovely conversation about everything, especially in America. He reckoned, Slade came on too strong over there while, trying to ‘crack’ that country,

He’s such a lovely down to earth person. I told him about us recording “Delighted To See You” at Abbey Road Studios while he was there with The Beatles recording songs for ‘Sgt Pepper’. On the day, we were there,  they were actually recording George Harrison's  'It’s Only A Northern Song’ which ended up on ‘Magical Mystery Tour’'' I told him about seeing, George Martin, (their producer) coming out of the control room, burying his head in his hands, giving out an enormous sigh….. Ringo confirmed:  “he was always doing that”.

Anyway, there were about 4000+ people at the show. He had a great band….. Graham Gouldman from 10CC on bass, Colin Hay from Men At Work, on guitar and vocals.  Steve Lukather, Toto, on guitar and vocals, Gregg Rolie, Santana, Keyboards and vocals. Warren Ham on Sax & flute - he played with Olivia Newton-John Newton, TOTO and Donna Summer. The there was Gregg Bissonette on Drums and he's played with Dave Lee Roth and  Don Henley. Ringo actually played with all the hits from his various performers with their respective bands.

Would you believe, I actually played Ringo’s drums for the final songs of their show. I played 'With A Little Help From My Friends' & 'Give Peace A Chance'. What an absolute dream for me………………"

Don Powell with Ringo Starr  

  Ringo Starr / Don Powell   Don Powell of Slade on stage with Ringo Starr

Info and photos courtesy of http://www.donpowellofficial.com/ ©


Jim's new charity DVD is being released on Monday 2nd July - and you can pre-order your copy now!  
All profits go to Jim's chosen charity of Dementia UK.
The DVD in limited supply and you can purchase it ONLY from www.jimleamusic.com

The Lost in space EP from Jim Lea is released on the 22nd of June. Order the EP CD - click here.
version: iTunes | Google Play | Amazon music

Jim Lea     Jim Lea

May 2018:

Jim Lea interview
with GET READY TO ROCK website here.

We are pleased to announce that Jim and his team have been working on a new DVD - 'An Audience With Jim Lea At The Robin 2' - to support Jim's chosen charity Dementia UK. The new DVD will include footage from Jim's Q&A and performance at the Robin 2 in Bilston on 5 November 2017. It is a souvenir for the fans and will include 61 minutes of footage. Jim's team are finalising the DVD now and it will be available within the next couple of months.

Jim's fans were most generous with their support for Jim's charities on the afternoon of last year's event - and Jim hopes that this charitable support will continue when the new DVD comes on sale. Plans are for the DVD to ONLY be sold through Jim's website. More details and information to follow in the next few weeks. All profits from this DVD will go to Dementia UK.

April 2018:

Jim Lea is releasing a new six track EP titled 'Lost In Space' on Wienerworld on 22 June 2018.

A special 'Radio Edit' of the main track 'Lost In Space' will be the lead single. This is a different version to that on the EP and will only be available on download from 18th May from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc.

The EP will be a 'physical' release on CD - which will be available to purchase online from Wienerworld and Amazon etc

EP songs:

1. Lost In Space, 2. What In The World, 3. Megadrive, 4. Pure Power, 5. Going Back To Birmingham, 6. Through The Fire

JIm Lea Lost in space EP

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS MISLEADING FACEBOOK PAGE IS NOTHING TO DO WITH NODDY HOLDER. It is totally misleading, poorly written and brings Slade fans into disrepute.

Merry World Cup : Spice Girl Mel C leads a host singing stars performing England’s new World Cup song for Sport Relief 2018. It is an interesting reworking of Slade's Christmas classic. Judge it for yourselves here.

January 2018:

Jim's next project is now nearing the completion stage - and an announcement about it will be made in the near future. ​For all the up-to-date news, please check http://www.jimleamusic.com regularly.

Don Powell – Look What I Dun: My Life in Slade. Hear the story of Slade told through the eyes of drummer Don Powell. 27 January 2018 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm £9 plus booking fee – Tickets available from Wolverhampton Art Gallery in person, or via ticket link (expired)

news 2017

December 2017:
Check out Ashley Smith's labour of love - The Slade Discography website.

November 2017:


"This is a one off opportunity to own a Slade members Jacket and Hat!

This has been donated by Dave Hill for a fundraising event. This unique outfit was originally made for and worn by Dave Hill only. A one of a kind outfit, so don't miss out!! Any question please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Collection preferred, due to value of the item, however we can discuss with you other delivery methods. "

Dave Kemp has supplied a message from a friend of the people who the fund raising is for. It is for a mother whose two children attend a local infant school in Willenhall who has a terminal illness and only a couple of months left to live.

Watch for this item being re-listed.

Dave Hill

November 2017:
Fans who were at the Jim Lea DVD screening event were unexpectedly treated to four songs from Jim Lea.
Thanks to Robert Abel for the video.

October 2017:
Jim Lea's track 'The smile of Elvis' has been remixed and pressed as a very limited radio-only promo CD single by Wienerworld. Sadly, there are currently no plans to commercially release the revised track. Don't give the eBay robbers your money.

Dave Hill book info:

If you have not ordered yet - a good way to get the book cheaper is to register at the Unbound site, but not order the book straightaway. They will send you a welcome email and offer a £5.00 discount on your first purchase, which can then be used for the Dave Hill book. Now available to order from Amazon, but getting it from Unbound is cheaper with the £5 voucher you get for joining Unbound. Buying from Unbound also gets you a free e-book, said to have some extra photos in it.

Dave Hill is making a personal appearance at the Robin 2 on 14th November to promote this book. Mike Read will be in conversation with Dave. Tickets. £15 adv, £17 on the door.The ticket price does NOT include the book which can be bought at the venue - so you may wish to wait til Dave goes round the Waterstones chain and save yourself £15 and the cost of travel. Dave will only be signing his book.

On Monday 27th November, Dave will be doing a book signing (no other items) at Christ Church, Julian Road, Bath, BA1 2RH. Tickets (including book) £20.00.

Two more dates : Waterstones Trafford Centre 16/11 at 18:00 and Waterstones Birmingham 21/11 at 18:30 Admission is £20 (flat book price).

Congratulations to Noddy Holder on winning the Legends of Industry award at The Variety Club of Great Britain on October 3rd 2017. (Thanks to Dave Kemp for the info).

Noddy Holder

Quatro, Scott & Powell to Release Debut Album In Europe For The First Time.
CD And Digital versions to be released on 27 October with 2LP set to follow on 8 December

Amazon UK | iTunes

Quatro, Scott & Powell (QSP) is a 'supergroup' founded in the very heart of glam rock, bringing together the combined forces of three legends of rock ‘n’ roll with Suzi Quatro on vocals and bass guitar, Andy Scott of The Sweet on vocals and guitar and Don Powell from Slade on drums.

Warner Music Group Russia have acquired the rights for the first ever release of the QSP album in Europe in the following formats: 1CD, 2LP and digital download. The album will be available as a Deluxe Edition, featuring additional tracks which were not included on the original release, which was available only in Australia and Asia (ex-Japan). The CD and digital formats will be available on 27 October with the 2LP set following on 8 December.

“We all have similar backgrounds and come from the same ballpark where we learned our craft, to coin a phrase, 'on the road’!” said Andy Scott, adding: “Back then performing was the only way forward. We have huge respect for one another and approach our musicianship in the same way.”

Don Powell was similarly effusive, never in any doubt that QSP was a special project, right from the very first jam: "We share an era and still continue to work and perform separately in concerts all over the world. After many enjoyable late night discussions it felt like the right time for us to come together to pool our ideas. From the first drum beat, bass lick and guitar chord, we knew we had something special.”

“In the beginning it was fun returning to our roots by recording a few covers,” said Suzi Quatro. “But eventually we started to write original songs which gave the album substance. We have created something we are all very proud of – QSP."

Track Listing
01 Slow Down
02 Long Way From Home
03 Tobacco Road
04 If Only
05 Bright Lights Big City
06 Pain (Band Version)
07 Just Like a Woman
08 Mend A Broken Heart
09 The Price of Love
10 Broken Pieces Suite
11 I Walk On Gilded Splinters
12 Late Nights Early Flights
13 Little Sister
14 Fever (New Track)
15 Tossin’ and Turnin’ (New Track)
16 Pain (Orchestral)

A Noddy Holder interview re Slade Alive reissue with The Scene (magazine for readers in the Telford local area) can be read / downloaded here. Thanks to Pete Boon for pointing this out.

Frankly stupid things people have said about Slade. 'Pies, Peas and Don Powell' personal appearance event.
£10 + £1 booking fee. St Saviour's Community Centre, East Retford, DN22 6QW.


Dave Hill is making a personal appearance at The Robin2, Bilston on 14.11.2017 to promote his book. All seated event. Tickets. £17 adv, £17 on the door (NOT ncluding the book, which can be bought at the venue).

To celebrate the publication of Dave Hill's autobiography, So here It Is, DJ Mike Read will be in conversation with Dave, talking about his amazing life and sharing some unseen photos. Dave will also be reflecting on his musical influences and how they created his powerful guitar style, which gives Slade's it's unique sound. He'll be playing a few surprise songs along the way...

There's also a chance to have Dave answer your question, as he'll be answering a few hand-picked questions from fans. These need to be submitted by email to info@halcarterorg.com with the subject headed "Dave Hill - An evening with" by the closing date of 6th November 2017. Dave's autobiography, So here It Is, will be on-sale at this event, where Dave will also be signing copies. Please note, Dave will only be signing his book, no other items will be signed.

August 2017:


On sale date: Monday 7th August at 9am from The Robin Box Office - telephone 01902 401211 for debit card and credit card bookings or tickets can be purchased in person between the following opening hours Monday - Saturday: 8am - 8pm, Sunday: 9am - 2pm

Jim is pleased to announce the first official screening of his DVD 'For One Night Only' at the Robin Club in Bilston on Sunday 5th November 2017. Jim will be present at the event. Plans for the day are still being made - but Jim wanted fans to know straight away that the event is in the process of being organised..

Date: Sunday 5th November 2017. Venue: The Robin, 20-28 Mount Pleasant, Bilston, Wolverhampton, WV14 7LJ
Website: http://www.therobin.co.uk
Time: Doors Midday / Event starts at 1pm / Afternoon event only
Schedule: First official showing of the 'For One Night Only' DVD followed by a Q&A with Jim in person

Note: Unfortunately due to Jim's illness he will be unable to perform musically at the event

Ticket availability: It will be an intimate event - limited tickets will be available
Price: There will be two tiers of advance tickets available
1) Entrance to event & SIGNED copy of the 'For One Night Only' DVD £30
2) Entrance only tickets £15
Booking fee £2.50
(If any remaining tickets remain on the day, entrance only can be purchased for £17)

Why the Robin venue? : Jim was keen to return to the venue where he performed his only ever solo gig
+++ Profits from the event will go to Jim's cancer charity +++

July 2017:
From Jim's website: http://www.jimleamusic.com/


28 July 2017 - Jim is pleased to announce that he will be releasing a new DVD on Wienerworld on Monday 25th October.

The DVD is about Jim's solo concert at The Robin in Bilston from 2002. It includes previously unseen concert footage passed to Jim this year and also Jim filmed recently talking about how the gig came about and what happened on the day - together with commentary about tracks played. It will also include some special 'extras' that have not been seen before. This DVD is very much for the fans - and is a momento of Jim's only ever mainstream solo gig.

More to follow in the next few weeks regarding the release."

June 2017:
Jim has announced the release of a brand new single on the Wienworld label. "All Coming Back To me Now"
The track will be available via download, through Wienerworld from 1st September.

Where was the single recorded?
"The single was recorded at Mad Hat studio in Wolverhampton - a local place".

When did you write it?
"I wrote it some time ago but the track was never completed, so I finished it recently when I needed more material. Frank (Lea) was always keen on it so he prompted my memory about it".

What is it about?
"It is about a scenario where a man and wife have an argument that resulted in a violent altercation. The husband was full of various substances and went over the top. He awoke the next day to discover that he was in trouble with not only his wife but also the police. He apologised profusely and not until a long time later did his wife forgive him".

When will the single be ready / released?
"I am mastering the finished single in London today (Tuesday 20th June). We will then need to arrange an appropriate release date - Frank says that this shouldn't be too far away".

More information regarding the single title and full release date will follow in due course.
Subscribers to Jim's mailing list (see www.jimleamusic.com) will receive all the information first.

February / March 2017:


Those splendid chaps over at https://www.facebook.com/Sladeforlife have very kindly passed on messages from the band members now that the Slade Alive! album has had its 45th birthday. It's well worth visiting their page on Facebook.

Many thanks to Jim Lea for sending his thoughts regarding Slade Alive!
"I was never happy with the way we were sounding on record. I found it dry and unexciting. After "get down and get with it", "Coz I luv you" was to come next and in that gap, because of "get down and get with it" being such a closing feature of our stage show, Chas came up with the idea of a live album and I breathed a sigh of relief. "Slade Alive" was a true live album. Most are not, and it broke new ground for us. Pheeeewww!!!"

Nod says: "Happy Birthday Slade Alive. 45yrs old and still as Rockin’ now as it was in ‘72!!..... Noddy"

Don Powell says: "Memories are still vivid (45 Years…Blimey!) of the three days in Command Studios at Piccadilly Circus, where we recorded Slade Alive….it was also a small theatre, where we invited Fan Club members. We actually used all of the second night for Slade Alive….Strangely enough, I’ve just returned from Australia, where every night, I was signing copies of that album. I’ve actually got a ‘Triple’ Gold record from Aussie in 1973. Apparently it has gone triple gold again since….. The photograph which makes up the Album, was taken at a gig at the Marquee Club in, London."

Dave Hill:
"My memories of Slade Alive is with the principle I hold dear to this day and the very reason I formed a band in the first place…Live performances! The recording of it took three days, the reason I believe Slade Alive was such a great album is that it’s Slade "Live on Stage" at our very best! I remember as far as Australia from all over world and back to UK it was loved and of course all our success was based on that album and the principle that we were a great rock and roll band of our generation.live. All the best, Dave"

Courtesy of Mickey Parker's Roots and Boots blog

New videos from Dave Hill and Unbound.

January 2017:

Here is a lovely message & photo, from singer Joanna Forest...

"Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your lovely support for my album, Stars Are Rising. I love Slade so much and it was such an honour for Noddy to give me his blessing to record, and to let me know how much he likes my version of How Does It Feel? For anyone who would still like to pre-order the album, the links are below. For every album sold, £1 will go to Breast Cancer charity CoppaFeel! a charity I volunteer for after my own Breast Cancer which I had at just 21.

Love Joanna x"

Amazon CD http://amzn.to/2jjO8tH / Amazon Digital http://amzn.to/2jVyZ2B / iTunes http://apple.co/2iW8LcL / Google Play http://bit.ly/2jSA8bV
HMV http://bit.ly/2jSkahb
    — with Joanna Forest.

Slade’s former frontman Noddy Holder, who wrote the song, is a fan commenting: “Joanna has done a great interpretation of the song with a wonderful orchestral arrangement. Let’s hope it will help raise awareness of the cancer charity CoppaFeel. All the best with the album”



news 2016

December 2016:

Dave Hill breaks elbow in Brighton. Full story here.
All January and February 2017 Slade shows are cancelled.

Slade star Dave Hill set to reveal all in autobiography
Slade guitarist Dave Hill is looking to raise more than £30,000 so he can release his autobiography. (from Wolves Express and Star site)

Dave Hill laps up the adulation from fans during a recent gig at the Robin 2 Club, in Bilston

Using online crowd-funding platform unbound.com, the 70-year-old musician has already raised 40 per cent of his target as he plans to release Dave Hill: My Story in 2017. Various packages are available for customers to buy the book ranging from £10 to £200. For £10, the customer get ‘an e-book only, with your name listed in the back plus access to Dave’s shed.’ The £200 Deluxe Plus package gets you a signed, numbered, slipcased edition of the book with a set of six signed prints, four badges and plectrum, a rare Slade single, a vintage backstage pass and a copy of a set list from a famous Slade gig.

From Wolverhampton, Hill wrote on Unbound: "It seems the right time to finally to share my story with you. I’ve got plenty of funny tales but also some others which show that my life hasn’t been all rock ‘n’ roll. Most of all, I wanted to tell it as it is, and tell it my way, that’s why I’m publishing my book with Unbound.Slade had some great years but fashions change and the break-up of the original band was heartbreaking. I thought that would be it for me.I battled through depression and got over a stroke, and decided to carry on doing the thing which I do best: I went back on the road with Slade.

"I’ve seen more of the world, and more fans, in the last twenty-five years than I did when the band were at their most famous. I’ll always be the boy from Wolverhampton, where I still live, with my wife of over forty years, surrounded by my kids and grandkids."

Born in Devon, the son of a mechanic, he moved with his parents to Penn, when he was a year old. There he attended Springdale Junior school and Highfields Secondary school. He originally played with drummer Don Powell in a band called The Vendors, whose name was then changed to The N’ Betweens. The pair then met bass player Jimmy Lea and singer Noddy Holder, whereafter Slade was born. Slade finally split up in 1991, but Hill decided to carry the group.

Slade Member Threatened BBC With Legal Action Over “Merry Xmas Everybody” Authorship Row

Jim Lea, the former bass player and songwriter with Slade, complained that two BBC programmes said Noddy Holder was the sole author of the band’s most famous song. It might be the best-known Christmas pop song, but one of its co-authors is not so full of festive cheer when it comes to getting credit for writing it. Jim Lea, the former bass player with Slade, who with singer Noddy Holder wrote “Merry Xmas Everybody”, has complained to the BBC for claiming that Holder was the song’s sole author. The song, which topped charts on its released in 1973 and has sold more than a million copies, is still a mainstay of radio playlists in the weeks before Christmas – and the BBC has warned staff not to get it wrong when talking about the song on air.

An internal email, which has been seen by BuzzFeed News, was sent to staff this week. It said that Lea complained during Christmas last year about two TV programmes, Top of the Pops 2 and Back in Time For Christmas, that Lea claimed had implied Holder was the sole author.

“The BBC agreed to correct these statements without any admission of legal liability,” the email said. “Jim Lea’s lawyers have recently written to ask that any proposed BBC output does not repeat the suggestion that ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ is the sole work of Noddy Holder. We wish to ensure that wider programme teams who are likely to refer to the authorship of the song are aware of Jim Lea’s position that he co-wrote it.”

Thought to be one of the most widely heard songs in the English language, “Merry Xmas Everybody” came to Lea while he was in the shower, he has said. He told Native Monster in October: “Chas [Chandler, the band’s manager] said ‘The thing is Jim, it would be nice to be in the charts at Christmas’. And he said ‘You know what, it would be even nicer to be number one at Christmas’. So I went into the shower and got the lovely warm water on me. I just said to myself – and I was almost talking to my own brain – ‘Come on, do it now’. And lo and behold I pieced the whole thing together. I was really pleased with it. I got that melody – the chorus – and I thought what’s it about? Then I remember what Chas had said. And I literally started singing ‘So here it is, Merry Xmas, Everybody’s having fun’.”

The BBC declined BuzzFeed News’ request for comment. BuzzFeed News also sought to contact Lea through his record label.


November 2016:

From Dave Kemp: Jim Lea 'Am I The Greatest Now' being aired on Virgin Radio (tomorrow Thurs 15/12) between 12.10-12.20 on the Jamie East show.... Earlier this week James pre-recorded an interview for Virgin for a section 'Legends That Have Still Got It' - this will probably be aired at the same time.... (Don't forget to tweet Virgin on @VirginRadioUK AFTER the record gets played)... Also completed by James is a MOJO Magazine interview - this will be printed hopefully in the next issue.... Over and out.


Don't wait for this book to appear in shops - if you do not order this book from unbound, it will NOT get printed. It is relying on advance orders to be printed. If you want a copy, you need to put an order in ASAP, or the project will be abandoned.

Unsure about pre-ordering Dave Hill's book? Hopefully this will clarify things for you. If you have not pledged yet - a good way to get the book cheaper is to register at the Unbound site, but not order the book straightaway. They will send you a welcome email and offer you a discount on your first purchase, which you can then use against the Dave Hill book. It is currently 38% funded.

Some of you are saying that you will wait until it appears on amazon or Ebay or wherever. There is no guarantee that it will ever appear on ANY other sites than Unbound until a certain number of people have ordered it from their site. The current priority is therefore to get people to order it from Unbound. Anyone who waits for an alternative outlet is just stopping the book from being published. That will also probably be the cheapest way to buy the book, as they will be the sole publisher and distributor.

If Dave does not get enough advance orders for his book, those who have pledged will be emailed and can claim a immediate refund by emailing back requesting one. The book is not going to magically appear somewhere else if this pledge campaign fails. The site is completely reputable and is fully secure, or it would not be on this page. An ebook version only costs £10 and counts towards the publication target.

DATE TO BE CONFIRMED. Other packages are available to early pledgers.

Jim Lea - Am I the greatest now?

Ken Bruce played Jim Lea's new single 'Am I the greatest now?' on his BBC Radio 2 show on 9.12.2016.

Please ask radio DJ's to play it, so it will get a CD release!
The CD single would be available in the new year if it goes ahead.


How long have you been a Slade fan?
Since 1960's 6.00%
Since 1970's 85.00%
Since 1980's 4.00%
Since 1990's 1.00%
Since year 2000 or later 4.00%

Which formats do you have a fair collection of Slade records?
Vinyl 45 and EP's 74.75%
Vinyl LP's 77.78%
Cassettes when available 24.24%
Polydor and RCA CD's 70.71%
Salvo CD's 54.55%
Salvo vinyl 13.13%

Which of the following Slade books do you own or intend to buy?
Tremlett - Slade 39.08%
Charlesworth - Feel the noize 45.98%
Slade Papers 20.69%
Parker - Feel the noize 25.29%
Noddy Holder - Who's crazee now? hardback 71.26%
Noddy Holder - Who's crazee now? paperback 34.48%
Lise Lyng Falkenberg and Don Powell - Look wot I dun 57.47%
Dave Hill - My story (pledge currently available via unbound.com) 58.62%
Slade on Stage photobooks 11.49%
Slade Six years on the road photobook 5.75%
Sheet music books for albums 12.64%
Sheet music for singles 10.34%
Whatever happened to Slade (Omnibus 2017) 27.59%
Jim Lea autobiography (if he writes one) 57.47%

SLADE II (Slade nowadays):
Do you go to see Slade without Noddy Holder and Jim Lea?
Yes, I go to see Slade without Noddy Holder and Jim Lea 25.77%
I have seen them, but don't go nowadays 25.77%
No, I don't go to see Slade without Noddy Holder and Jim Lea 42.27%

Have you bought their album 'Keep on Rockin'?
Yes 30.93%
No 24.74%

Would you buy a new Slade album without Nod and Jim on it?
Yes I would buy a new Slade album without Nod and Jim on it 29.90%
No, I would not buy a new Slade album without Nod and Jim on it 40.21%

Would you buy a box set of the vinyl editions of the albums between Nobody's Fools and Return to Base?
Y 50%
N 50%

Do you own Jim Lea's Therapy album?
Original single CD (Jim Jam label) 29.59%
First 2CD issue with Robin show added? 24.49%
Wienerworld 2CD 10.20%
Wienerworld 2CD (signed) 17.35%
Wienerworld 2LP 4.08%
Wienerworld 2LP (signed) 6.12%
Wienerworld 2LP (test pressing) 1.02%
None of the above 51.02%

Are you a member of any of these discussion areas?

Slade Facebook Group 65.00%
Slade are for life Facebook Group 67.00%
Slade - They were unique Facebook Group 38.00%
The Slade Forum (www.slayed.co.uk) 24.00%
Slade buy and sell Facebook Group 12.00%
Other 10.00%


Don is pleased to finally announce that he will be touring Australia with the band QSP (Quatro, Scott and Powell) in February 2017.

Dates are as follows:

Friday 3 February -  Twin Towns, Tweed Heads
Saturday 4 February - Twin Towns, Tweed Heads
Monday 6 February - Empire Theatre, Toowoomba
Tuesday 7 February - QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane
Thursday 9 February - Entertainment Centre, Adelaide
Saturday 11 February - Crown Theatre, Perth
Tuesday 14 February - Opera House, Sydney
Thursday 16 February - Arena, Geelong
Saturday 18 February - Hamer Hall, Melbourne
Sunday 19 February - Sale, Victoria
Tuesday 21 February - Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, Hobart
Thursday 23 February - Theatre, Canberra
Friday 24 February - Anitas Theatre, Woolongong
Saturday 25 February - Hope Estate Vineyard, Hunter Valley
Tuesday 28 February - Entertainment Centre, Mackay
Wednesday 1 March - Entertainment Centre, Townsville
Thursday 2 March - Convention Centre, Cairns
Saturday 4 March - Convention Centre, Darwin

(First half of shows will have Quatro, Scott and Powell performing as QSP.
Second half of shows will be Suzi Quatro and her band performing.
Tickets go on sale on 11 & 12 October - click here for details).

The first pressings of Don's new album with QSP (Quatro, Scott and Powell) have been made!
The album will be available from Sony Records in Australia and the Far East from 20 January 2017.

Thanks to the Don Powell website for the image below and the track listing!

The tracks are:
1. Slow Down
2. Long Way From Home
3. Tobacco Road
4. If Only
5. Bright Lights Big City (this is Don's favourite track)
6. Pain (Orchestral)
7. Just Like A Woman
8. Mend A Broken Heart
9. The Price Of Love
10. Broken Pieces Suite
11. I Walk On Gilded Splinters
12. Late Nights Early Flights
13. Little Sister
Bonus Track
14. Pain (Band version).


The new album from Shelly Bonet features an as-yet previously unreleased Jim Lea song 'All coming back'.
Shelly's album is called 'Love in a dangerous world'.

More info at www.shelly-bonet.com. Available via amazon.co.uk

I asked Shelly how she came across the song. Shelly says "While I was in London some years ago, I got the opportunity to record with Jim Lea. We demoed several of his songs. When I recorded my record we decided to cut "All coming Back". It was a great experience working with Jim Lea!"

Shelly Bonet

October 2016:

Chris Charlesworth's Blog - 'Just backdated' on the subject of Jim Lea's 'Therapy' album.
One of a number of Slade mentions, so the blog is well worth searching through - here are the search results for Slade.

October 2016:

It's not news really. Jim Lea's 'String Theory' album is still on its way. It must be, because another jounalist says he says so.

String Theory
(Click to view full size image)

Jim Lea - Therapy CD to be reissued on September 23rd 2016 with 3 new bonus studio tracks and bonus live disc.
See details on amazon.co.uk or Pledge Music.

14. 21st Century Thing? [bonus track]
15. Thank God It's Friday Right Now [bonus track]
16. Am I The Greatest Now? [bonus track]

JIM'S INTRO FROM THE PLEDGE MUSIC SITE: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/jimlea

"Hi everybody, Jim Lea here. Welcome to my PledgeMusic page. I am pleased to let you know that I am re-releasing my album Therapy as a Deluxe Double CD. The re-issue will include three previously unreleased tracks recorded at the same time as the rest of the album and a second CD of a live concert from Robin 2 R’n’B Club in 2002 where I played some of the hits from Slade and other bands and also my own material. Using PledgeMusic I can also offer some additional items like signed lyric sheets. Finally I will shortly be adding a very special project to the campaign which celebrates the 50th anniversary of Slade and my part in that amazing band.

Thank you for your support."
Jim Lea

The first disc is a reissue of Jim’s critically acclaimed studio album – most impressively, the vast majority of instruments featured are played by Jim · Includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks: 21st Century Thing, Thank God It’s Friday Right Now and Am I The Greatest Now · Features a 16 page booklet complete with lyrics, memories of the Robin 2 R’n’B gig by owner Mike Hamblett and new liner notes by Jim Lea written exclusively for this 2016 release.

The second disc was recorded live at the Robin 2 R’n’B Club in 2002 and features versions of Slade hits Cum On Feel The Noize and Mamma Weer All Crazee Now alongside classic tracks Hey Joe, I Am The Walrus, You Really Got Me, Substitute and Wild Thing

Jim’s immense skill as a songwriter is evident throughout, alongside his much overlooked musicianship

"On being asked to add more tracks to the album, I managed to dig up a song called 21st Century Thing? It was found on a cassette of demos which had never been worked on. After a short attempt to re-record it, I gave up and put the demo version on the album which seemed to fit the vibe just fine. Then came something from the digital era in the shape of Thank God It’s Friday Right Now. Coming up the rear is a pop thrash track Am I The Greatest Now? I am proud of the album and found the public reaction very edifying.” – Jim Lea, Therapy liner notes

“Therapy” 2CD Deluxe Edition will be released on the 23rd September. PLEDGEMUSIC prices include postage and packaging.

The 2LP vinyl issue will be out on December 9th 2016. The vinyl Issue contains the 'Therapy' album and the bonus tracks as above, plus 3 more additional bonus tracks: Misty Morning Light / I'll Be John, You Be Yoko (previously released) / Dare To Be Great.

Jim Lea Therapy - Amazon


news 2015






"Hello! Noddy Holder here at BBC Radio 6, where I was talking about the forthcoming box set When Slade Rocked The World 1971-75. It’s all looking terrific with 4 coloured vinyl LPs, 4 double A side  singles, a reproduction of an original ‘70s flexi-disc (remember them??) 2 books, and a 2 CD set with the music from the four LPs for your digital music library. The first 1,000 copies of the box also include a set of 8 reproductions of the lobby cards for our film Flame. Cum on and pre-order the box from PledgeMusic" (link now removed)


Hello everyone, Don Powell here! This new box set, When Slade Rocked the World, really is the business, and I'm very pleased with how it's turned out; it does a great job of showcasing our music in the years when we were enjoying tremendous success. You get books, loads of vinyl and even a couple of CDs, and the limited edition version from PledgeMusic includes reprints of 8 lobby cards from our film Slade in Flame. Go to PledgeMusic and order away!  Cheers, Don



The last of the coloured vinyl LPs (this one a sort of powder blue to echo the blue of the title and band name on the cover)  in Rocked the World for us to discuss is Old New Borrowed and Blue, the group’s fourth studio album and another chart conqueror. Recorded amidst a whirlwind of touring and promo activity and during Don Powell’s convalescence following his near fatal car accident, the album followed its predecessors winning formula, but as Don put it in their fan club newsletter at the time, while it was “in character” they had “spent more time on arrangements and little ideas and effects”.This was time when the mania around the band was pretty much at its peak; they basically couldn’t walk the streets.

In July ’73 they had recorded the song that Noddy has referred to as his retirement fund (in sweltering NYC no less), ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’, which became Slade’s sixth #1 in December ’73 and was so popular that despite advance orders of half a million copies many stores sold out.So despite the enormity of their success and the consequent exhausting pace that their lives were lived at, the album did show signs that the band were growing restless with the ‘formula’. The piano-based ballad and second single ‘Everyday’ only reached #3, a possible reflection of the fact that it sounded different from what had come before. 

Noddy and Jim were noticeably moving forward in their writing, gradually expanding their repertoire rather than simply relying on the styles and sounds that they had perfected and which they could, perhaps understandably, have coasted on. ‘When The Lights Are out’ is a mid-tempo ballad which also shows the evolution in the group’s sound, in that it featured Jim Lea on lead vocals for the first time. 

The honky-tonk piano on ‘Find Yourself a Rainbow’ (played by the landlord of the band’s local, Tommy Burton), makes the song something of a novelty number, but it’s also new territory for Slade – and the song was later covered by Max Bygraves!On the other hand, the rocking ‘We’re Really Gonna Raise The Roof’ has its size 12s firmly planted in familiarly stomping territory, as was the anthemic ‘Do We Still Do It’, both songs guaranteed to keep the die-hards happy.

The album was re-titled Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet for the U.S. market. With the band in an absurdly high tax bracket in the UK, the time was right for them to spend more time stomping and clapping their way across the U.S., while at the same time, the first embers of a game-changing feature film were smouldering in the Slade hearth…..

When Slade Rocked The World
Flamin’ Nora! It’s a Slade movie!!
When it was announced that Slade were making a feature film, most people immediately assumed that the group were going to go the route of Help! and A Hard Day’s Night and make a film that was one long frolic filled with great songs, in keeping with their tendency to put humour and a huge sense of fun at the forefront of their performance.

It was thus understandable that when Flame (or Slade in Flame as it’s usually referred to) was released in 1975, many if not most people were nonplussed by this very dark film about the machinations of the music industry. Filmed in the industrial north of England, the film was set in the ‘60s rather than the present day in an attempt to create a certain distance between the real group and the fictitious one, but the line between fact and fiction never really feels anything less than blurred.

In order to experience life on the road so that they could portray it with greater realism, director Richard Loncraine and screenwriter Andrew Birkin spent two weeks on the road with Slade in the U.S.; the full tour was six weeks, but Flame lore has it that a fortnight of road life was all that they could take before heading home, worn out. The film’s sombre tone and serious subject matter were an unmistakeable attempt to change perceptions of the band quickly, and as career transitions go, it’s a very abrupt shift, akin to going through adolescence in six months rather than four or five years.

The fantastic songs were of course the product of Messrs. Lea and Holder, and the music’s unmistakeable ‘Sladeness’, albeit more mature sounding overall, may be the single most obvious factor in making it nigh on impossible to forget that this is indeed the band beloved by millions. When the film was released in February 1975, the soundtrack LP, released at the end of November ’74, had sold over 200,00 copies in the UK and two singles had been released, ‘Far Far Away’ (UK #2) and ‘How Does It Feel’ (UK #15).

The Flame soundtrack is one of Slade’s most varied albums, with many people citing ‘How Does It Feel?’ as their favourite Slade ballad and one of their favourite Slade songs overall; its aching poignancy stands in sharp contrast to the grimness of much of the film. There is a noticeable movement away from the jokey mis-spelled titles of their storming singles, and the closest they come to that sort of thing is with ‘Them Kinda Monkeys Can’t Swing’, probably the hardest rocker on the album. This the sound of a band stretching their wings, feeling that it’s time for songs and sounds that reflect an evolution and the worldliness and maturity that experience brings.

The film was indeed a turning point in the band’s fortunes, but as so often happens when artists make radical departures which confound expectation, 40 years later Flame is regarded as one of the finest British music films ever made. The Guardian's  Mark Kermode deems it the “Citizen Kane of rock movies”, and even proclaimed it “the best rock movie of all time”. The sound track album is also one of Slade’s best LPs, showcasing the range and nuances of one of rock's great writing partnerships.

When Slade Rocked The World

Boxed Set

Slade are one of Britain’s most popular and enduring bands, standing shoulder to shoulder next to the Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who as an immovable part of Britain’s rock firmament, and they’ve been lavishly praised by the likes of Messrs Lennon & McCartney and Mick Jagger, chaps who know a good tune when they hear one.

Described as ‘the missing link between the Beatles and Oasis’ (the latter having covered ’Cum On Feel The Noize’), Slade are never far from British ears and hearts, having created some of the most beloved, indelible songs in the history of popular music.

When Slade Rocked The World 1971-1975 pays homage to their phenomenal run of hit singles and albums in the early ‘70s, when they seemingly could do no wrong.

The Box Set will contain.

• 4 x vinyl LPs
(Slade Alive!, Slayed?, Old New Borrowed and Blue and Slade In Flame) reproduced in their original sleeves, remastered for optimum sound and pressed on 180gm coloured vinyl

• 4 x double sided picture sleeve singles covering the key hits of the period not on the albums –
‘Coz I Love You’ / ‘Look Wot You Dun’
‘Take Me Bak ‘Ome‘ / ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’
‘Skweeze Me Pleeze Me’ / ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’
‘The Bangin’ Man’ / ‘Thanks For The Memory’

• Flexidisc Slade Talk to ‘19’ Readers

• 2 CD collection of the audio on the four vinyl LPs (Slade Alive!, Slayed?, Old New Borrowed and Blue and Slade In Flame)

• 10” annual style hardback book featuring reviews, features and memorabilia from each of the key years along with an introduction by Mark Ellen

• Reproduction of George Tremlett’s excellent 1975 book The Slade Story which includes period interviews with all four members and a chronology of tour and release dates up to the time of its publication

• Presented in a sturdy 12” box with foam fitment



(1) How D’You Ride
(2) The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazee
(3) Look At Last Nite
(4) I Won’t Let It ‘Appen Agen
(5) Move Over
(6) Gudbuy T’Jane
(7) Gudbuy Gudbuy
(8) Mama Weer All Crazee Now
(9) I Don’ Mind
(10) Let The Good Times Roll
(11) Feel So Fine

Slade Alive!
(1) Hear Me Calling
(2) In Like A Shot From My Gun
(3) Darling Be Home Soon
(4) Know Who You Are
(5) Keep On Rocking
(6) Get Down With It
(7) Born To Be Wild

Old New Borrowed And Blue
(1) Just Want A Little Bit
(2) When The Lights Are Out
(3) My Town
(4) Find Yourself A Rainbow
(5) Miles Out To Sea
(6) We’re Really Gonna Raise The Roof
(7) Do We Still Do It
(8) How Can It Be
(9) Don’t Blame Me
(10) My Friend Stan
(11) Everyday
(12) Good Time Gals

Slade In Flame
(1) How Does It Feel
(2) Them Kinda Monkeys Can’t Swing
(3) So Far So Good
(4) Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)
(5) O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday
(6) Far Far Away
(7) This Girl
(8) Lay It Down
(9) Heaven Knows
(10) Standin’ On The Corner

4 Double A side picture sleeve singles

‘Coz I Luv You’ / ‘Look Wot You Dun’
‘Take Me Bak ‘Ome ‘ / ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’
‘Skweeze Me Pleeze Me’ / ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’
‘The Bangin’ Man’ / ‘Thanks For The Memory’

CD Collection Tracklisting
CD 1

(1) How D’You Ride
(2) The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazee
(3) Look At Last Nite
(4) I Won’t Let It ‘Appen Agen
(5) Move Over
(6) Gudbuy T’Jane
(7) Gudbuy Gudbuy
(8) Mama Weer All Crazee Now
(9) I Don’ Mind
(10) Let The Good Times Roll
(11) Feel So Fine

Slade Alive!
(1) Hear Me Calling
(2) In Like A Shot From My Gun
(3) Darling Be Home Soon
(4) Know Who You Are
(5) Keep On Rocking
(6) Get Down With It
(7) Born To Be Wild

CD 2
Old New Borrowed And Blue

(1) Just Want A Little Bit
(2) When The Lights Are Out
(3) My Town
(4) Find Yourself A Rainbow
(5) Miles Out To Sea
(6) We’re Really Gonna Raise The Roof
(7) Do We Still Do It
(8) How Can It Be
(9) Don’t Blame Me
(10) My Friend Stan
(11) Everyday
(12) Good Time Gals

Slade In Flame
(1) How Does It Feel
(2) Them Kinda Monkeys Can’t Swing
(3) So Far So Good
(4) Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)
(5) O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday
(6) Far Far Away
(7) This Girl
(8) Lay It Down
(9) Heaven Knows
(10) Standin’ On The Corner


When Slade rocked the world

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Pre-order one of two configurations of the Deluxe Edition Slade Box Set on PledgeMusic, including a version exclusive to Pledge.

Slade are one of Britain’s most popular and enduring bands, standing shoulder to shoulder next to the Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who as an immovable part of Britain’s rock firmament, and they’ve been lavishly praised by the likes of Messrs Lennon & McCartney and Mick Jagger, chaps who know a good tune when they hear one.

Described as ‘the missing link between the Beatles and Oasis’ (the latter having covered ’Cum On Feel The Noize’), Slade are never far from British ears and hearts, having created some of the most beloved, indelible songs in the history of popular music.

When Slade Rocked The World 1971-1975 pays homage to their phenomenal run of hit singles and albums in the early ‘70s, when they seemingly could do no wrong.

The Box Set will contain.

• 4 x vinyl LPs
(Slade Alive!, Slayed?, Old New Borrowed and Blue and Slade In Flame) reproduced in their original sleeves, remastered for optimum sound and pressed on 180gm coloured vinyl

• 4 x double sided picture sleeve singles covering the key hits of the period not on the albums –
‘Coz I Love You’ / ‘Look Wot You Dun’
‘Take Me Bak ‘Ome‘ / ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’
‘Skweeze Me Pleeze Me’ / ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’
‘The Bangin’ Man’ / ‘Thanks For The Memory’

• Flexidisc Slade Talk to ‘19’ Readers

• 2 CD collection of the audio on the four vinyl LPs (Slade Alive!, Slayed?, Old New Borrowed and Blue and Slade In Flame)

• 10” annual style hardback book featuring reviews, features and memorabilia from each of the key years along with an introduction by Mark Ellen

• Reproduction of George Tremlett’s excellent 1975 book The Slade Story which includes period interviews with all four members and a chronology of tour and release dates up to the time of its publication

• Presented in a sturdy 12” box with foam fitment



(1) How D’You Ride
(2) The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazee
(3) Look At Last Nite
(4) I Won’t Let It ‘Appen Agen
(5) Move Over
(6) Gudbuy T’Jane
(7) Gudbuy Gudbuy
(8) Mama Weer All Crazee Now
(9) I Don’ Mind
(10) Let The Good Times Roll
(11) Feel So Fine

Slade Alive!
(1) Hear Me Calling
(2) In Like A Shot From My Gun
(3) Darling Be Home Soon
(4) Know Who You Are
(5) Keep On Rocking
(6) Get Down With It
(7) Born To Be Wild

Old New Borrowed And Blue
(1) Just Want A Little Bit
(2) When The Lights Are Out
(3) My Town
(4) Find Yourself A Rainbow
(5) Miles Out To Sea
(6) We’re Really Gonna Raise The Roof
(7) Do We Still Do It
(8) How Can It Be
(9) Don’t Blame Me
(10) My Friend Stan
(11) Everyday
(12) Good Time Gals

Slade In Flame
(1) How Does It Feel
(2) Them Kinda Monkeys Can’t Swing
(3) So Far So Good
(4) Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)
(5) O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday
(6) Far Far Away
(7) This Girl
(8) Lay It Down
(9) Heaven Knows
(10) Standin’ On The Corner

4 Double A side picture sleeve singles

‘Coz I Luv You’ / ‘Look Wot You Dun’
‘Take Me Bak ‘Ome ‘ / ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’
‘Skweeze Me Pleeze Me’ / ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’
‘The Bangin’ Man’ / ‘Thanks For The Memory’

CD Collection Tracklisting
CD 1

(1) How D’You Ride
(2) The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazee
(3) Look At Last Nite
(4) I Won’t Let It ‘Appen Agen
(5) Move Over
(6) Gudbuy T’Jane
(7) Gudbuy Gudbuy
(8) Mama Weer All Crazee Now
(9) I Don’ Mind
(10) Let The Good Times Roll
(11) Feel So Fine

Slade Alive!
(1) Hear Me Calling
(2) In Like A Shot From My Gun
(3) Darling Be Home Soon
(4) Know Who You Are
(5) Keep On Rocking
(6) Get Down With It
(7) Born To Be Wild

CD 2
Old New Borrowed And Blue

(1) Just Want A Little Bit
(2) When The Lights Are Out
(3) My Town
(4) Find Yourself A Rainbow
(5) Miles Out To Sea
(6) We’re Really Gonna Raise The Roof
(7) Do We Still Do It
(8) How Can It Be
(9) Don’t Blame Me
(10) My Friend Stan
(11) Everyday
(12) Good Time Gals

Slade In Flame
(1) How Does It Feel
(2) Them Kinda Monkeys Can’t Swing
(3) So Far So Good
(4) Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)
(5) O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday
(6) Far Far Away
(7) This Girl
(8) Lay It Down
(9) Heaven Knows
(10) Standin’ On The Corner

Take me bak 'ome

The NME have placed Mama weer all crazee now at number 2 in their top 20 of important number one UK singles. Excellent taste, chaps.

Don Powell's biography has been a long time coming. Having proof-read it, I can tell you it's excellent. The book is subject to contract with an established publisher and I would hope 2013 will see you all appreciating Lise's very hard work on it. Book blog here.

Lise and Don

news 2013

December 18th 2013 is the 30th anniversary of the last full REAL Slade show in the UK.

21st December 2013: BBC4 SLADE Night line up:

9pm         It's SLADE,
9.50pm    SLADE @ theBBC,
10.50pm  SLADE in Flame,

Slade @ theBBC will also be repeated early Saturday 22nd December.

The new edition of Uncut (Bruce Springsteen on the cover) has a four page article on the making of 'Merry Christmas Everybody'.

Noddy Holder announces series of 'An evening with...' shows for 2013.
"An evening with NODDY HOLDER in conversation with MARK RADCLIFFE"

9th May 2013  The Place, Telford                01952 382382   
10th May 2013  Buxton, Opera House         0845 1272190  
11th May 2013  Gala Theatre, Durham         0191 332 4041
12th May 2013  Bolton, Albert Halls             01204 334400
16th May 2013  Leeds City Varieties           0113 243 0808 
17th May 2013  Redditch Palace Theatre     01527 65203 
18th May 2013  Preston Charter Theatre      0844 844 7710
19th May 2013  Harrogate Theatre               01423 502116  

The promotional blurb is far too embarrassing to put on here, but feel free to go and sit and watch Nod do a Q&A with his mate about when he used to go out being a pop star 30 or more years ago.

news 2012

Noddy Holder co-hosted the Marc Bolan 35th Anniversary Memorial concert at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on Saturday 15th September 2012.

Nod co-hosted the event with Lynsey De Paul. Performers on the night included: T.Rextasy, Alvin Stardust, Steve Harley, Boy George, Rick Wakeman, Tony Visconti, Howard Casey, Glen Matlock, Linda Lewis and others.

Planet Rock Greatest Rock Single results 2012:
32) Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

Venue: Komedia, Brighton. Date: Thursday 7th June 2012. Doors: 7.30pm, stage, 8pm.
Tickets: £8.50 (£5.50 concessions) / £7.50 for advance online booking. Hosted by Briggy Smale.

PLEASE NOTE : The venue has been staging a series of interviews before a paying audience.
It is highly unlikely there will be any 'music performance' at this event and it is not advertised as such.



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Robin Zander of Cheap Trick (who recorded a corking version of 'When the lights are out' on their last album 'The Latest' - available from Amazon UK / USA ) says some nice things about Slade in an interview with OffBeat published on 1st November 2011. Read it here.

The December 2011 issue of Classic Rock Magazine contains a 24 page supplement entitled ''The Live Albums That Changed The World''. Slade are included with a full page feature on Slade Alive.

A Slade recording of an Andy Miller song, 'Another Win' dating from around 1979 (also recorded by Status Quo without ever being released) and previously unissued anywhere before, has surfaced on YouTube, courtesy of Slade In England. Great to hear such a fine 'new' recording of such a good song. Watch a video here.

Legendary rock star Noddy Holder is to take up the British banger challenge by becoming the face of Bpex’s 14th annual British Sausage Week. Holder, the [former] front man of band Slade, will have the task of touring the country to judge the best sausages entered in the two competitions during the week’s festivities.

Holder said: “The great British Banger is a genuine legend, with incredible stories about recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. I can’t wait to get on the road and judge the best of the best bangers out there and find out what makes those humble sausages we eat week-in, week-out so special!” British Sausage Week ran from 31 October to 6 November 2011 and featured a nationwide PR campaign featuring hundreds of businesses and establishments.

Nod's latest wheeze, indeed...

SLADEST 2011 reissue


Released in the UK in September 1973, Sladest emulated recent Slade singles by going straight to the top of the charts. After relinquishing the summit and hovering around the Top Ten towards the end of the year, it climbed back up to the Number One spot in early 1974 in the wake of the huge success of their next single Merry Xmas Everybody. That seasonal smash wasn't included on the album, but Sladest did contain all of Slade's hits up to that point, as well as several singles released prior to their chart breakthrough and a handful of tracks from their underrated second album (released late in 1970), Play It Loud.

Salvo's version has been expanded by the inclusion of three further highlights from the period concerned - the No. 2 hit My Friend Stan, its no-nonsense, rocking B-side My Town and the ingenious Django Reinhardt / Stephane Grappelli pastiche Kill Em At The Hot Club Tonite (the B-side of Skweeze Me Pleeze Me) - plus a previously unreleased version of Hear Me Calling, the track with which they opened their live show for many years. The latter recording, more tightly structured than the classic, build-to-a-roar Slade Alive version (though featuring an almost identical guitar solo from Dave Hill), lay entirely forgotten until recently discovered on a vinyl acetate which was once the property of drummer Don Powell - and serves to further strengthen the appeal of what is, to many, Slade's strongest album. Capturing the band at the height of the glam rock fame, it contains some of the very best pop songs of the seventies.

Order Sladest here!
Released on September 19, 2011.

Noddy Holder interviewed for Mail Online 04.08.2011 By Rob Mcgibbon reproduced here

A 750-copy limited vinyl pressing of 'Beginnings' is available on BLUE TOWN RECORDS from Record Collector magazine. This 1969 record mixes the band's own psychedelic rock originals with covers from sources as diverse as Lennon / McCartney, Marvin Gaye and The Idle Race.

Beginnings is a strictly limited edition with a numbered certificate signed by the Editor of the Rare Record Price Guide, Ian Shirley. There are also exclusive colour sleeve notes included, featuring alternative artwork, press cuttings etc..

Ambrose Slade

Reviewed here

Wienerworld's proposed DVD, 'Slade: Rare and unseen' has had its release date cancelled indefinitely. They confirm that the actual programme hasn't been put together yet, so at the moment it doesn't actually exist- apart from the cover design. Therefore NO promo copies have been sent out - so don't fall for idiot hoaxers trying to sell them to you. It MAY turn up at some point, however, so we eagerly await news of any further developments.

Slade - rare and unseen

Dave Hill has recovered well from the stroke that he had while on tour in Europe. Slade have resumed their tour schedule.

Congratulations to the Holder family, Noddy has become a Grandfather.