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First of all, this website is dedicated with much love to the late Julie Edmundson.

It celebrates the many achievements of SLADE. That's (Holder, Lea, Powell and Hill). It doesn't cover Slade II.

This page is totally and completely independent. We are proud to retain that total independence. We don't answer to Slade, or to any record companies, or any Facebook groups or pages. That said, we are happy to advertise and to shout from the rooftops about any new Slade products of all types.

This is a site that takes Slade seriously. It deals with facts, not myths and rumours. This site does not have fake or paid-for likes. It isn't amateur or empire-building, or some sort of Slade-Apolitical entity. It does NOT refuse to support other OFFICIAL Slade pages, or ignore new Slade products.

We run the pages for THE NOIZE and SIX YEARS ON THE ROAD. You can also view the excellent Jim Lea Music Official Facebook page. The Slade Collector's Group is also a quite reasonable group. While we may make the occasional comment, we do not actively participate to any large degree in, manage, or recommend any other Facebook groups or pages, except to advertise.

Please note that Nod and Dave don't have individual personal Facebook profiles of their own.

We do not recommend ANY Slade tribute bands. would really like to thank some of the group's fans for their most valued and important help over the years, for the selfless dedication and provision of effort, time, knowledge, updates and for finding - and usually, generously sharing - some truly unbelievable and rare archival material, for other Slade fans all around the world to enjoy via this and a number of other truly excellent websites.

If you've EVER emailed with something, or even just sent an encouraging word somewhere, please be assured, it is very very much appreciated.  The people who have shared selflessly and who have gone to some trouble in the past are truly appreciated.

The sole catcaller is a feeble-minded idiot and only makes us do better.

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* How do I contact the members of the band?
* Where do the members of Slade live?

Like everyone else in the world, the members of Slade are entitled to a quiet life. Their home addresses are deliberately kept private and they have made an effort to be far more difficult to track down. Bear in mind that just like all of us normal people, they now greatly value their privacy. They have spent considerable amounts of money on their priority of living quietly, out of the way.

We absolutely do NOT encourage fans to turn up in person at the group's homes. This is an awful and quite unfair and unwelcome intrusion into their privacy. It happens from time to time and we are sure they are not at all happy about it.

This website will NOT divulge private addresses. Nor will we pass your messages on to the band.
You don't want random people knocking on your door, uninvited. Neither do they.
We will not pass on any kind invites to your house for a meal to the band members.
If they wanted you to know where they live, they'd tell you.

To quote Nod and Dave on valuing their privacy:

Do you NOT do things, because you’re afraid you may get pestered by people who might recognise you?

Nod: "A lot of the time, yes. I get offered the chance to go to a lot of functions, but I don'’t want to get back on the treadmill that everywhere I go I’ve got to be signing autographs for half an hour. I don’t mind it now and then, but I’'m not going to do it every day."

Do you have a clear division of your working and non-working time?

Nod: "Definitely. I keep my private life totally private now and have done for a long time. I don'’t see that my home life is anyone's business now. We lived in the public eye for so long and it took a long time to get back any kind of privacy... not total privacy, but as much as possible. If you'’re a known face, it’s very difficult. You’'d have to disappear off the face of the earth to get it. If you go into a pub or restaurant, there will always be some watching you drinking and eating. There's no getting away from it. The last thing I want to do is go out for a drink or meal and finish up talking Slade for a couple of hours. We've lived Slade for 20 odd years. It’s the last thing we talk about if we all get together. There's nothing else to say after that amount of time."

Dave: "The press can ask very personal questions that could upset you. It’s like Cliff Richard, they always want to know if he’s ever slept with a woman."

Nod: "It’s the same with us. Cliff always gets that style of question and with us, it’s 'Merry Xmas' or 'Don’s accident'. They ask how he is, as though it only happened a couple of years back, or they ask how 'Jim Powell' is getting on after the crash."

Suzan Holder has asked that her author business page isn't flooded with messages to Nod.
She will not be passing them on.

I assume that she's getting flooded with people trying to get to him via her page. It's the height of bad manners to hi-jack her page by abusing it in this way and I would hope that real fans are NOT joining in this activity. She's trying to conduct her professional life via this page and it is not fair to take her time up with fending off Slade fans. This page certainly doesn't message Suzan Holder regarding Nod these days, as she is very busy with her own work and life and if they need anything from me or my site, then they will get in touch.

It is not a great idea to contact Newman and Co, unless there is a quite serious business proposition in mind that will be of REAL interest to Nod or Jim. The former members of Slade are only a tiny part of their work and they have a lot of other things to do. They do not want fan mail clogging up their system.

Dave and Don can be contacted before and after their stage appearances with their bands.
For all SERIOUS Dave Hill's Slade booking and media enquiries contact:
Hal Carter Organisation, 41 Horsefair Green, Milton Keynes, MK11 1JP. | Tel: 0044 (0) 1908 567388.
E-mail: | Website:






Following a totally false report that Noddy Holder had spoken to a Sun reporter late in 2021 and had proposed getting the band back on stage at Glastonbury, some fans actually started to cry, wet themselves with excitement and start to save up their paper round money for tickets. A very small corner of the internet broke for a nano-second.

Noddy Holder hadn't spoken to The Sun.

This is the offending article:

"SLADE’s 1973 No1 song Merry Xmas Everybody made sure of their place in the history books. Slade's Noddy Holder wants to play Glastonbury

Now lead singer Noddy Holder has big plans for the original group behind the smash. In an exclusive chat, he revealed he wants to get back with Jim Lea, Don Powell and Dave Hill to play the legends slot at Glastonbury. And while he’s got a mountain to climb persuading the festival’s organiser Michael Eavis to say yes, it’s going to be even harder to reunite his ex-bandmates following their split in 1992. Especially after Dave sacked Don from his revamped version of the group over email last year.

Noddy said of the prospect of playing the coveted slot: “It would be amazing if we could work out our differences. I think we’d probably all have to go in on a coach each. Or we’d all have to have a changing room or caravan each. And maybe we’d have to have glass barriers between us on stage so that there would be no fisticuffs on stage.”

The band had six No1 singles and five No1 albums. But Noddy said their egos tore them apart. As for Dave and Don, he added: “I think it’s a long time before they get talking again. But that happens in rock ’n’ roll bands. If it’s not one crisis, it’s another.”

So... what exactly is likely to happen?
Nothing. At all.

Reading between some lines and going off what some others have said, the relationship between Dave and Jim is really complicated.

Dave sacked Don from the band and Don has made his feelings about Dave totally clear.

They no longer exist as a group.

To sum up:
Dave Hill has a very old-school showbiz attitude and will never talk disparagingly in public about Jim Lea.
He won't talk at all about Don Powell on the advice of his lawyer.

Don Powell has spoken out about Dave Hill, but is probably tired of doing so by now.

Jim Lea follows the same line of showbiz political correctness on the whole, but has let the odd snippet slip over the years.

Nod is probably the most level-headed of the band and tells it like it was, but quite correctly sees the depths of some inter-band schisms as being entirely the band's business.

Will they ever play the legends spot at Glastonbury?

Would Dave do it?
Yes, if he doesn't have to look at Don or Jim.

Would Don do it?
Yes, if he doesn't have to look at Dave.

Would Jim do it?
Doubtful. He wouldn't have to be within 50 feet of Nod or Dave.

Would Nod do it? 
If the others weren't so badly at odds, he'd be happier, but I can't see it.

Naughty old Sun pretend-newspaper type rag for starting this daft debate. You're forgiven, though.

They deserve to play at some huge festival somewhere, but there's only slightly more chance of that than a hastily knocked-together band of forum members doing it, using the name Led Zeppelin.

In other words, NO.